Leading Cement producers in the world

Cement Producers in the World

Cement is a binding material that is utilized in manufacturing infrastructures of wide varieties. The material acts as an adhesive when mixed with water and other raw materials such as sand. It is the basic element that holds the other essential building blocks together to build the entire structure as per the requirement. Cement is one of the key materials that is largely marketed around the world under the construction domain. Here are some of the key producers and dealers of cement in the world market mentioned below.

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Top 10 Cement producers in the world

Top Cement producers in the world are:

Lafarge Holcim

Company Website https://www.holcim.com/
Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland
Founded in 2015

Lafarge Holcim, or Holcim group, is the global leader in the international cement production and distribution domain. The company is associated chiefly with the construction and infrastructure industry on a large scale. Its headquarters is located in Switzerland and was established in the year 2015.

Anhui Conch Cement

Company Website http://www.conch.cn/
Headquartered in Anhui, China
Founded in 1997

Anhui Conch Cement is a Chinese cement production firm with its headquarters located in Anhui, China. The company was first established in the year 1997 and showed its prime presence in the construction and infrastructure industry on a global scale. The firm is known to be one of the leading cement suppliers in the international market.

China National Building Material

Company Website https://www.cnbm.com.cn/EN/
Headquartered in Beijing, China
Founded in 1984

The CNBM is a leading building materials production and distribution unit with its base located in China. The company was first inaugurated in the year 1984 and is known to produce cement, glass fibers, and various other building materials on a large scale. It is tagged as the third largest cement supplier in the global market.

Heidelberg Material

Company Website https://www.heidelbergmaterials.com/en
Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany
Founded in 1874

Heidelberg Material is a leading cement producer in the international market. The company is a German-based building material production company that is majorly associated with the infrastructure sector on a large scale. It provides cement and ready mixed construction materials and markets it in the global trade domain.


Company Website https://www.cemex.com/
Headquartered in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico
Founded in 1906

Cemex, with its parent headquarters located in Mexico, stands as a prominent supplier and producer of building materials in the global construction market. It is a Mexican cement production company that aims to provide sustainable construction solutions on a large scale.


Company Website https://www.italcementi.it/it
Headquartered in Bergamo, Italy
Founded in 1864

The Italian cement production company is tagged as the sixth-largest cement producer and dealer in the world. The company is primarily located in Bergamo, Italy, which was first inaugurated in the year 1864. The company is one of the major producers of cement and concrete materials on a large scale.

China Resources Cement

Company Website https://www.crcement.com/home/
Headquartered in Hong Kong, China
Founded in 2003

The China Resources Cement Company is marked as a leading cement and concrete production company. With its headquarters based in China, the company primarily deals with the distribution and production of building materials on a large scale across the world. It was founded in the year 2003 and is associated with some of the major construction companies in the international market.

Taiwan Cement

Company Website https://www.taiwancement.com/en/
Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan
Founded in 1946

Taiwan Cement is ranked as the eighth-largest producer of cement in the world. The company, with its headquarters located in Taiwan, was first incorporated in the year 1946. The company is known to produce high-quality building materials on a large scale and further trades them across the world.

Eurocement Group

Company Website https://cemros.ru/
Headquartered in Moscow, Russia
Founded in 2002

The company is listed among the top producers of cement in the global market. It was founded in the year 2002, with its headquarters located in Moscow, Russia. The Russian firm is one of the well-known cement production companies that is also referred to as a leading producer of various building materials on a large scale.

Votorantim Group

Company Website https://www.votorantim.com.br/
Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Founded in 1999

Votorantim Group is a renowned capital investing firm that is associated with various key industrial sectors on a global scale. The company shows its prominent presence in the financial, construction, building material, sustainable energy, metallurgical, and real estate domains on a large scale. It is entitled as one of the key players in the global cement market.

Cement is an essential building material that has high demand in the global market domain. The global construction market is expected to show good growth due to the rising need for urbanization that is pushing the bars of development across the world. With the increase in construction activities around the world, the compound is gaining attention in the global market. The global cement market is expected to have a positive curve while expanding its market reach in the upcoming days.

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