Market Intelligence

Gathering market intelligence is an extremely important aspect of executing effective plans for your business’s prosperity and growth. However, staying in touch with the latest market developments, trends and competition can be time-consuming. This is further complicated by the availability of myriad sources, making it difficult to glean vital and reliable market data.

At Procurement Resource, we offer formal market intelligence programs that provide outsized benefits and help free-up category managers’ bandwidth, such as supply-demand analysis, cost modeling, and price forecasting. We specialize in analysing a series of most recent data about a specialized market to collect relevant and real-time information about what works and what does not, which helps us in providing you with the intelligence to pursue growth opportunities while reducing your risk. This gives them more time to make intelligent sourcing decisions or build and nurture internal and external relationships.

Our market intelligence reports include both qualitative and quantitative data, focusing on providing information about the quality and the performance of the product. This expertise assists our clients to have detailed knowledge about the functioning of the product they are already dealing in. While providing useful information about the market, our analysis helps the clients improve their sales, retain their valued customers, enhance process efficacy, and offer a competitive lead to the new businesses by launching their products within the set timeline.

Our market intelligence services span the following:

  • Extensive Category Reports
  • Manufacturing Technology Analysis
  • Regional and Global Market Outlook
  • Supply-Demand Analysis
  • Cost Modelling
  • Prices and Market Forecast
  • Market Drivers, Success & Risk Factors Analysis
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