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Professional Services

At Procurement Resource, we provide key market insights and services that aid the decision-making process of our clients, which include Fortune 500 Companies, SMEs and Start-ups. These services range from market intelligence and category insights to supplier and procurement analysis.

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Supply Chain Intelligence

As suppliers play a critical role in a company’s success, it is imperative for organisations to choose suppliers who best meet their needs and align with their values. Selecting the right suppliers can increase profits and boost efficiency while minimising financial risks.

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Procurement Analytics

Procurement and sourcing have emerged from being means of achieving cost targets to key drivers of a sustained growth. This change has been brought about by the globalisation of supply chains, centralisation of procurement organisations and volatility in the supply market.

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Category Insights

The different aspects of product development and manufacturing play a vital role in maintaining an organisation’s profitability. For instance, analysing and understanding the activities of value chain can facilitate value addition while minimising costs.

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Market Intelligence

Gathering market intelligence is an extremely important aspect of executing effective plans for your business’s prosperity and growth. However, staying in touch with the latest market developments, trends and competition can be time consuming.

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