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Global Glucose Syrup Market and Its Current Trend


Due to glucose syrup’s sheer extended shelf life, it may be stored for a long time. With its high moisture consistency, glucose syrup is used as a moisturising agent in jellies and confectionery. Furthermore, glucose syrup is widely used in the food and beverage market since it resists crystallisation. The use of glucose syrup as a thickener is also on the increase. Moreover, glucose syrup contributes a glaze to the food product, enhancing its overall organoleptic properties. The global glucose syrup market was valued at USD 3.3 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach around USD 4.7 billion, moving to a CAGR of more than 5% between 2021-2026.

Because large corporations are building economic opportunities across the food and beverage supply chain, notably to support future business growth, demand is gaining traction in developing and emerging economies like China and India. The market in emerging regions is enhanced by economic growth and increasing urbanisation.

Due to its widespread usage, glucose syrup seems to have a potential customer base across the nation. It has significant advantages in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetology, and personal care industries. It helps with flavour and textural extension, sucrose, and dextrose crystallisation stabilisation in confectionaries, product shelf-stable improvement, fermentation in bakery items, and water retention, among other aspects. These are the fundamental causes of the industry’s growth and demand for glucose syrup.

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The demand for glucose syrup is expanding because it is an excellent alternative to granulated sugar. The glucose syrup industry is fragmented into supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, and internet retailers based on the distribution channels.

Impact of Glucose Syrup on Health

  • Glucose syrup preserves and sweetens commercial foods, perhaps increasing their attractiveness. It's also relatively inexpensive to make.
  • It does not provide any beneficial properties. This syrup contains concentrated sugar and calories instead of fat or protein.
  • Diabetes, high blood sugar, poor dental health, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease are risks associated with consuming glucose syrup regulary.

Advantages of glucose syrup

Enhancing the flavour

The first and most important advantage of liquid glucose is that it enhances the flavour of sweets and other meals.


Corn syrup also contributes to maintaining sucrose and dextrose crystallisation in confectioneries, which is an integral function. It is mainly used in hard candies because sucrose condenses it by becoming brittle.

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Liquid glucose is sometimes used as a preservative, which can lengthen the shelf life of some food products substantially. It works by reducing the temperature and the freeze time specified by the manufacturer. It works by lowering the temperature and the freeze time specified by the manufacturer. It also increases the capacity of the freezer.

Texture enhancer

However, a texture modifier is among the most critical uses of liquid glucose and it provides ice cream and other frozen delights with a smooth texture and solidity. In its simpler form, glucose syrup contributes to the prevention of graining.

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