2-Propenenitrile Production from Propylene via Catalytic Ammoxidation

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Analysis Basis : Germany

Period of Analysis : Q1 2021

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This report presents a detailed cost analysis of 2-propenenitrile production from propylene via catalytic ammoxidation also known as the SOHIO process. In this process, propylene, ammonia, and air (oxidizer) react as they pass through a fluidized bed reactor containing the catalyst. Then the reactants are soaked in aqueous sulphuric acid so that the excess propylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and dinitrogen that do not dissolve can be removed. The aqueous solution consisting of acrylonitrile, acetonitrile, hydrocyanic acid, and ammonium sulphate undergoes a separation process and acrylonitrile is, thus, obtained through distillation, with acetonitrile and hydrogen cyanide are by-products.


The project economic analysis provided in the report discusses a Germany-based plant and encorporates:


  • Manufacturing Process
    • Process Flow
    • Material Flow
    • Material Balance
  • Raw Material and Product/s Specifications
    • Raw Material Consumption
    • Product and Co-Product Generation
    • Capital Investment
  • Land and Site Cost
    • Offsites/Civil Works
    • Equipment Cost
    • Auxiliary Equipment Cost
    • Contingency
    • Engineering and Consulting Charges
    • Working Capital
  • Variable Cost
    • Raw Material
    • Utilities
  • Fixed Cost
    • Labor Requirement & Wages
    • Overhead Expenses
    • Maintenance Charges
  • Financing Costs
    • Interest on Working Capital
    • Interest on Loans
  • Depreciation Charges
  • General Sales and Admin Costs
  • Production Cost Summary

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