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Soybean oil Production Cost Breakup From Cleaning, Drying, and Dehulling

Details: Germany - based plant Q1 2024  | From $ USD

This report consists of a detailed cost analysis of Soybean Oil from Cleaning, Drying, and Dehulling. Before the oil is extracted, the soybeans are cleaned, dried, and dehulled. Because they absorb oil and result in a lesser yield, the soybean hulls must be removed. By splitting the soybeans and mechanically separating the hulls and cracked soybeans, the hulls are removed during this de-hulling process. In order to facilitate oil extraction, the soybeans are also heated to a temperature of about 75 °C to coagulate the soy proteins.

The soybeans are then divided into flakes and placed in percolation extractors where they are mixed with a solvent, often hexane. Evaporators are used to extract the hexane from the soybean oil. Hexane that has evaporated is collected and added back to the extraction procedure. The crude soybean oil without hexane is then further refined.

The crude soybean oil still needs to be cleaned off several oil-soluble and oil-insoluble contaminants. Filtering is used to remove the oil-insoluble materials, and various processes are used to remove the soluble materials, such as degumming (the removal of phosphatides), oil refining (washing with an alkaline solution to remove free fatty acids, colourants, insoluble matter, and gums), and bleaching (using activated earth or activated carbon to remove colour and other impurities).

The project economic analysis provided in the report discusses a Germany-based plant:

  • Manufacturing Process
    • Process Flow
    • Material Flow
    • Material Balance
  • Raw Material and Product's Specifications
    • Raw Material Consumption
    • Product and Co-Product Generation
    • Capital Investment
  • Land and Site Cost
    • Offsites/Civil Works
    • Equipment Cost
    • Auxiliary Equipment Cost
    • Contingency
    • Engineering and Consulting Charges
    • Working Capital
  • Variable Cost
    • Raw Material
    • Utilities
  • Fixed Cost
    • Labor Requirement & Wages
    • Overhead Expenses
    • Maintenance Charges
  • Financing Costs
    • Interest on Working Capital
    • Interest on Loans
  • Depreciation Charges
  • General Sales and Admin Costs
  • Production Cost Summary
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Report Content

Key Process Information

Evaluation of significant technical parameters along with process descriptions such as:

  • Consumption of Raw Material
  • Product Creation
  • Block Flow Diagram
  • Description of the Manufacturing Facility

Utilities Consumption

Evaluation of utilities consumed during the entire process based on:

  • Consumption per unit of product generated
  • Utility cost split and share of each utility in the total cost

Process Flow Diagram

Representation of various operations involved including:

  • Step-wise process
  • Utility consumption in each operation

Capital Cost Analysis

In-depth analysis of costs involved in setting up a new manufacturing unit, including:

  • Cost of Building a Process Unit
  • Cost of Setting Up the Infrastructure
  • Working Capital
  • Commissioning & Start-Up of the Plant

Implementation Schedule

Time frame of the project design, which includes:

  • Plant Start-Up
  • Plant Construction
  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Raw Material Procurement

Construction Cost Details

Detailed analysis of costs involved in the operation of various functional units in the process unit and infrastructure.

Operating Cost Analysis

Evaluation of costs associated with the production of the final product, namely:

  • Procurement of Raw Materials
  • Consumption of Utilities
  • Fixed Costs
  • Depreciation

Economic Analysis

Analysis of the way in which process economics are impacted by plant capacity.

  • Construction Cost
  • Working Capital
  • Fixed and Variable Operating Costs
  • Corporate Overhead
  • Depreciation

Customized Analyses

Detailed cost estimates of any industrial plant depending on your requirements, including plant capacity and location as per the need.

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