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We at Procurement Resource work towards providing our clients with reliable, unbiased pricing data that covers the macro and micro aspects of the industry by using meticulous research methodology. Our team of experts efficiently studies various markets, modifies the procedure, and captures insights into our client’s specific areas of focus. We use the blend of the most advanced analytical tools and the expertise of our highly qualified team, thus, offering our clients tested and proven accurate, actionable, and competitive data to support them to stay ahead in the market competition. Besides this Procurement Resource team of analysts’ well-planned research methods, processes, and intense data analysis offers our clientele with:

  • Enriched, augmented, and reliable procurement intelligence
  • Complete understanding of the present and projected market changes through the carefully collected information
  • Validated and tested data on the possible prospects and risks in the current and future market scenario
  • Offer analysed understandings and visions obtained from our most recent analytical tools and flawless sources

Assessment Approach

Procurement Resource is committed to providing our clients with accurate, reliable, and representative pricing data. Our clients get a thorough evaluation of the most recent and predicted industry environment by collecting, collating, and analysing the data from trustworthy sources. We offer a powerful and insightful assessment that focuses on authorising the procurement decision-makers of our client organisation with strategic direction and process developments for sourcing decisions, negotiation management, and finally signing off the contract.

  • Price Assessment
    Our team of experts study the past, current, and projected prices of products and raw material supplies by using their diligently collected data that is validated by primary and secondary sources. The evaluations by our team reveal the market values and trends of associated products within the region to assist our clients to recognise the correlation and articulating lucrative schemes and plans. Our analysis also provides data on both the average global prices and the present regional prices as well.
  • Market Assessment
    We recognise the important drivers for growth, opportunities, and constraints that might stimulate or hamper future industry augmentation together with an extensive overview of the competitive landscape to support our clients to make advisable tactical decisions. We present definitive global and regional data on the production and consumption of the product as per their market prices and capacity. The analysts also take into consideration the demographic, economic, cultural, and political aspects that may possibly impact the market.

Data Collection

At Procurement Resource we collect market intelligence data from various business and industry stakeholders and other secondary sources that can make collective information contribution to price calculations. It is our aim to confirm and ensure the integrity of all the material collected by verifying its authenticity across several sources. The data collected through our primary and secondary sources help us validate and infer data involving prices, business, and market instabilities along with the most recent changes in the industry.

  • Primary Research
    While doing primary research our research experts converse with well placed industrial specialists who has vast and calculative knowledge about the market. Our team interviews through emails, telephonic conversations, and personal meetings with both buyers and consumers to offer our clients with reliable and validated information related to market size, share, drivers, prices, and forecast together with a comprehensive assessment of our client’s supply chain.
  • Secondary Research
    Procurement Resource uses wide range of internal and supported databases, that acquaint us of the past and current industry scenarios. This huge access to database helps us project the market for the upcoming years. Through our secondary research involving extensive selection of sources that ranges from the annual and financials reports of the lead players in the market to governmental and regulatory databases. We also take reference from variety of scientific and industry journals and whitepapers to create and detailed understanding of the commodity and its supply chain. Likewise, the researched data from related articles and press releases help us provide our clients with the most updated knowledge of the modern market. All data and information derived from our secondary research is treated through systematic and comprehensive validation and verification process to help our team prepare an intensive understanding of the industry, the supply chain, the competitive landscape, and the product.
  • Other Analyst Tools and Data Models
    We create comprehensive and elaborative data patterns, by using our propriety technological and analytical resources, which support our clients to effortlessly understand the detailed information and further helps them to formulate crucial business and industry strategies. Our important devices offer our clients with a consistent and unified understanding of the industry position, by giving both qualitative and quantitative industry data. We regularly update our analytical tools and models as per the changes in the constantly progressing industrial situation and adapt our methodology to meet our client’s particular requirements. We research by using a combination of best technological devices that is presently used in the industry and together with the expertise of our analysts and consultants.

Data Prioritisation

While assessing the data our experts consider only that information that are reliable, validated, confirmed, and are obtained from trustworthy and transparent sources. Hence, our clients receive the most accurate and reliable data from us, that can be used for taking crucial business decisions.

Data Validation

Our data undergoes an extensive step of thorough cross validation and verification process. We substantiate the collected data through our primary and secondary research by reviewing and checking the initial sources and verifying them from other carefully vetted sources.

Exigent Data Assessment

The qualitative and quantitative evaluations conducted by us present the most updated value and volume of the market throughout regions and are time-sensitive too. Our data and price reports present the accurate and current industry situation as we continuously update our databases to show the recent changes that are taking place in the industry. Hence, our robust data collection, extensive graphical assessment, and specialist analysis guarantee that our clients will have a superior understanding of the market scenario, supply chain, changes in the prices, competitive landscape, and other important factors that help them come out as undeniable industry leaders in their respective arenas.