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Borouge Reported 14 Per cent Rise in Revenue Due to High Sales of Volume of Olefins

The collaborative enterprise between Adnoc and Austrian chemicals manufacturer Borealis and one of the leading polyolefins-producing companies, Borogue, has recorded a surge in revenue by a whopping 14 per cent from January to September 2022. Compared to the last year during the same period, the revenues have sprung monumentally from USD 4.52 billion to USD 5.13 billion, which is an annual increase of 13.50%.

The Chief Executive of Borouge, Hazeem Al Suwaidi, is thrilled with the organization's achievement and pivots the massive success to the company's unassailable services and innovation. Despite the disruptions in the supply chain and pressure of global prices, he considers that the success is phenomenal and is optimistic that the company will continue serving the world with the best product mix.

Ballooning Polypropylene Demand Became the Chief Contributor to the Revenue-Rise

The total volume of sales has experienced a significant hike of approximately 12 per cent owing to the massive share of production from the PP5, which is the fifth polypropylene unit of the organization. The colossal production and, thus, the revenue could be attributed to the unit unarguably. Talking of the sales volume of polypropylene, revenues have reportedly risen to 15 per cent, which is quite laudatory.

Polypropylene, a key ingredient of various packaging processes, car units, and so on, has been growing firmer in global demand. It is a thermosetting plastic, and the surge in demand for polypropylene could be understood by its burgeoning need in the food-packaging industries. Although the demand saw a slight pullback during the Covid-19 pandemic, it escalated to significant momentum after the pandemic subsided. Also, the automobile demand hike could be chalked as one of the contributors to the buttressing demand for thermosetting plastics.

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If the estimation of Data Bridge Market Research is referred to, the propylene market saw a global valuation of USD 121 billion. The anticipated valuation by the end of the year 2029 is projected at USD 167 billion, a hike of 4.2 per cent.

Profit to the Company Edged Lower Compared to the Last Year

Although the company enticed itself to surge revenues, the net adjusted earnings couldn't keep the rise. The company's net EBITDA was relatively low for January-September 2022 period. The EBITDA shifted south to USD 2.1 billion, a dip of around 4 per cent compared to the same period in 2021. The decline could be pivoted to higher production costs due to higher raw materials and logistics prices. Even the profit saw a considerable dip, with a USD 1.2 billion net gain, a decline of 6 per cent.

Borouge was Optimal for the Gain in the Financial Year 2022

Borouge, which the June Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange made its debut in and had recorded a rise of a jaw-dropping 23%, were optimistic and certain of its profit in the financial year 2022. Borouge had closed a towering USD 2 billion listing in the sale of shares in the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange.

Borogue also saw its name in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series upon listing on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange. Investors use the FTSE Global Equity Index Series to bolster the construction of portfolios and guide the decisions related to asset allocation.

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According to Procurement Resource, the demand for polyolefins will unconquerably rise in the forthcoming times, due to which the organizations involved in its production such as Borouge, might experience such a revenue bloom.


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