China Aluminum Prices are Again on the Rise due to Lower Inventory and Supply Reduction

China Aluminum Prices

Market analysts suggest the firm trajectory and robust prices for Aluminium in 2023 amidst supply constraints and burgeoning demand, primarily owing to assuaged Covid-19 restrictions.

Prices are expected to remain elevated but not rise to the highs witnessed in 2022, according to Fitch Solutions Industry Research and Country Risk, a research division of the Fitch Group.

In contrast, Goldman Sachs predicts that aluminium prices will rise even higher, while other analysts view the Shanghai smelter’s reduction in output and the destocking of Chinese ingot inventories as positive indications.

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According to data from the International Aluminum Institute, production of the metal increased in January 2023 by 3.3 percent to 5.83 million tonnes from 5.54 mt in January 2022. However, output only went by 2 percent to 69 mt in 2022.

Chinese Covid-19 Restrictions are Now in Effect

As a result of China’s economic recovery and the easing of its Covid -19 laws, it is predicted that global demand will rise in 2023, with consumption rising by 4.7 percent.

The average price of aluminium is anticipated to reach USD 2,600 per tonne in 2023, as per Fitch Solutions. Persistent supply shortages and expected demand growth spurred on by the relaxation of Covid-19 limitations in China point to prices to stay consistently high in 2023 at current levels.

Goldman Sachs, as US-based global investment firm, forecasts that aluminium prices will average USD 3,125 in 2023, up from its previous forecast of USD 2,563. It projects aluminium to reach USD 3,570 over the ensuring 12 months.

The London Metal Exchange’s three-month contract prices for aluminium climbed by more than 2.5 percent. A six-month high of USD 2,660 was reached on January 25.

Challenges for Smelters in Europe

As a result of crippling aluminium prices and worries about the global economic slowdown, China's expanded output of the metal prompted investors to sell their long positions. Strong prices for aluminium are anticipated, according to Goldman Sachs, as a result of fears about probable supply restrictions brought on by increased demand in China and other European countries.

Prices are rising to levels not seen before 2022 as a result of weak demand outside of China and a contracting global economy. A stronger-than-expected recovery of China's domestic industries, which would lift prices above the current predictions, is one of the prediction’s upside risks.

Low Stock Levels

On the supply side, the American research organisation forecasted that continuing production limits in China and Europe would further support prices as long as production issues connected to power continued and energy costs remained high.

ING Think quoted Norsk Hydro's assertion that a further increase in energy prices still poses a threat to 6,00,000 tonnes of its aluminium production capability.

The fact that stockpiles are currently at a 21-year low is another factor supporting Goldman Sachs' forecast of higher aluminium prices this year. At 1.4 mt, global inventories are down over 0.9 mt from a year ago. Chinese reports claim that the growth of inventories has slowed.

Russian Output

An increase in price momentum will likely result from favourable macroeconomic conditions, reducing currency headwinds, and a cycle of rate hikes that is winding down, as per Goldman Sachs.

The production of aluminium in Europe will continue to suffer from high energy costs, according to Fitch Solutions.

Production may not be as negatively impacted as it was in 2022, but as smelters progressively come back online, the increase in output will likely slowdown in the near future.

The effect of sanctions-related increases in input costs on Russian output. Fitch Solutions projects a 2023 decline in Russian output of 3% each year.

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As per Procurement Resource, market experts predict a steady upward trend and strong pricing for aluminium in 2023 despite supply shortages and rising demand, especially as a result of decreased Covid-19 regulations. Fitch Solutions Industry Research and Country Risk, a research branch of the Fitch Group, forecasts that prices will continue high but not reach the all-time highs seen in 2022.

In contrast, Goldman Sachs anticipates an increase in aluminium prices, while other analysts see the Shanghai smelter's output decline and the depletion of Chinese ingot inventories as encouraging signs.


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