Coal Production for May’24 witnessed a growth of 10% Y-O-Y in May’24

Coal Production

According to the latest official data published by the Ministry of Coal, India, coal production and dispatch to power plants in India saw an uptick of more than 10% in May '24, year over year. This has helped thermal generators carry out efficient operations due to robust electricity demand amid scorching summer waves in India.

In May 2024, India saw a significant increase in coal production, totaling 83.91 million tonnes. This marked a 6.6% rise from the previous month and a 10.2% increase compared to May 2023, when production was at 76 million tonnes, as per the latest figures from India's Ministry of Coal. Coal India Ltd (CIL), the country's premier state-owned coal mining company, contributed 64.4 million tonnes to this total, showing a growth of 4.2% month-over-month and 7.5% year-over-year.

In line with this upward trend, coal dispatches in May 2024 also rose significantly, recording a 10.3% increase to 90.8 million tonnes from the figures reported in May 2023.

The noteworthy augmentation in terms of coal production and dispatch caused power stations to have a surge of 30% year over year in fuel availability in May '24.

The Ministry says the fuel inventories have enough upkeep for coal for around 19 days at about 45 MT, as reported on June 1. Considering the daily depletion quantity from inventories is somewhere around 10,000 tonnes, the present coal inventory stocks are sufficient for the stipulated number of days.

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During April and May, the initial two months of the fiscal year 2025, India's coal production saw an 8.8% increase, reaching 162.62 million tonnes. Concurrently, coal dispatches to various sectors also experienced an uplift, totaling 176 million tonnes, which represents an 8.2% year-over-year increase, according to official data.


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