Global 2-EH prices have been Inclining; Coming Months Expect Fluctuation though

Global 2-EH prices

The global prices for 2-Ethylhexanol (2-EH), a key component in the manufacture of various industrial chemicals and plasticizers, has recently seen a notable uptick, particularly in India. This surge can be attributed largely to the increase in propylene prices worldwide, a direct consequence of the crisis in the Red Sea which has significantly impacted the prices of upstream crude oil. The situation has created a ripple effect, influencing markets far beyond the immediate geography of the crisis.

In Europe, and especially in Germany, the price of 2-EH has experienced a rise, further complicating the situation. This increase was pronouncedly triggered in February due to an operational failure at a supplier's facility located on the OQ Chemicals site in Oberhausen.

The incident led to a halt in the production of synthesis gas, crucial for the production of various chemicals, including 2-Ethylhexanol. This event forced OQ Chemicals to declare a force majeure, exacerbating supply constraints for 2-EH among other products. Given that OQ Chemicals stands as one of the leading producers of oxo alcohols in Germany, this disruption has had a significant impact on the European 2-EH market, driving prices upward.

The influence of the European market on India is profound, particularly since Germany is a leading exporter of 2-EH to the country. The rising prices in Europe, therefore, have a direct bearing on the Indian market, translating into increased costs and heightened market volatility. The current trend indicates a continued upward trajectory for 2-EH prices into the second quarter of 2024. However, this rise might be stuttered by May 2024, due to an anticipated decline in crude oil prices brought on by projected overproduction.

Despite the expected fluctuation in crude oil prices, the downstream plasticizer industry is likely to lend considerable support to 2-EH prices, sustaining its demand. The plasticizer industry relies heavily on 2-EH for the production of various products, including soft PVC used in a myriad of applications from construction to consumer goods.

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This sustained demand from the downstream sector could mitigate some of the impacts of the fluctuating crude oil prices on the global 2-EH market. Nonetheless, analysts at Procurement Resource forebodes the period of uncertainty and are closely monitoring market dynamics to navigate the volatile landscape. The coming months will undoubtedly be critical in determining the extent to which these factors will influence the market for 2-EH, both in India and globally.

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