Isobutanol Prices in China have been slipping in the First Half of April 2024

Isobutanol Prices

Isobutanol prices in China have been slumping recently. The dip in the market was primarily driven by a surplus in supply coupled with subdued demand from downstream industries. This imbalance has led to higher inventory levels, which in turn have pressured market holders to reduce prices through discounts in an effort to stimulate sales. Consequently, the transactional dynamics within the market are relatively stagnant, characterized by minimal activity and small, demand-based order placements.

Furthermore, the market atmosphere has been negatively impacted by the declining prices of n-butanol, a related chemical product, which has influenced market expectations and negotiation positions unfavorably for isobutanol sellers. This decline in n-butanol has indirectly loosened negotiation focuses in the isobutanol sector as well.

Despite the downward adjustments in the price of upstream isobutyraldehyde, which traditionally could offer some cost support, this has not been sufficient to counterbalance the overall negative trend. Additionally, propylene prices, another upstream factor, have seen only narrow adjustments, providing limited support to stabilize the isobutanol market.

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According to the article by Procurement Resource, isobutanol prices in China have recently slumped due to a supply surplus and weak demand from downstream sectors, leading to high inventory and reduced prices through discounts. The market is further strained by falling n-butanol prices, impacting negotiations unfavorably for isobutanol. Adjustments in isobutyraldehyde and stable propylene prices have provided little relief, failing to counter the overall downward trend, leaving the market stagnant with minimal transactions and cold conditions for new orders.

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