Polysilicon prices in China have been stable in February, tracing pre-holiday period

Polysilicon Prices

In February, the domestic polysilicon prices showcased consistent stability, with operations and shipments largely mirroring levels seen prior to the holiday season. Supply dynamics remained steady as most manufacturing units operated without disruptions, leading to a slight uptick in supply compared to pre-holiday figures. This period saw manufacturers focusing on building up their inventories, without significant adjustments in price quotations from the larger entities.

In the downstream sector, specifically within the silicon wafer segment, there was a noted reduction in inventory levels due to previously lower operational rates. This scenario contributed to a minor increase in silicon wafer prices leading up to the holiday, although prices stabilized post-holiday. The demand for terminal battery cells and components persisted at normal levels, underlining the immediate need for support within the industry.

Industry experts project that prices for silicon materials may exhibit fluctuations in the short term. Despite the overall stability in average polysilicon prices, a narrowed transaction range indicates the potential for future price escalations.

During the Chinese New Year holiday, significant industry players continued their production activities, while smaller entities progressively resumed operations and engaged in new order discussions. This careful yet stable market activity is expected to persist.

According to the article by Procurement Resource, polysilicon prices showed remarkable stability in February, with supply and demand closely aligned to pre-holiday figures. Manufacturers ramped up production, slightly increasing supply, but prices remained largely unchanged as companies accumulated inventory.

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Despite a temporary pre-holiday price bump in silicon wafers due to reduced inventories, prices quickly stabilized. Expert analysis suggests potential short-term price volatility in silicon materials. The polysilicon market remains optimistic, with stable module prices and anticipated demand growth potentially influencing future price adjustments.

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