Hydroxymethyl Furfural (HMF) Production Cost Analysis 2021

Hydroxymethyl furfural, which is also known as HMF, is an organic compound created by the dehydration of certain sugars. It is a white low-melting solid (however, industrial samples are often yellow) that is highly miscible in both water as well as in organic solutions. The molecule is composed of a furan ring, with both aldehydes as well as alcohol functional groups. In 1875, HMF was first reported to have been utilised as an intermediate in the formation of levulinic acid from sugar as well as sulphuric acid. 

HMF can be formed in sugar-containing food, mainly because of heating or cooking. HMF is grouped as a food improvement agent and is also mainly being utilised in the food industry in the form of a food additive as a biomarker as well as a flavouring agent for food products. It is also prepared commercially on a modest scale as a carbon-neutral feedstock for the preparation of fuels and other chemicals.

Procurement Resource provides an in-depth cost analysis of Hydroxymethyl Furfural (HMF) production. The report incorporates the manufacturing process with detailed process and material flow, capital investment, operating costs along with financial expenses and depreciation charges. The study is based on the latest prices and other economic data available. We also offer additional analysis of the report with detailed breakdown of all cost components (Capital Investment Details, Production Cost Details, Economics for another Plant Location, Dynamic Cost Model).


Hydroxymethyl Furfural Production from Glucose

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