Polyethylene Furanoate Production Cost Analysis 2021

Polyethylene furanoate, also known as polyethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate, poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate),or PEF, is an example of a polymer, which is manufactured by the polycondensation of 2,5-furan dicarboxylic acid or FDCA with ethylene glycol. It is a chemical analogue of polyethylene naphthalate or PE  and polyethylene terephthalate or PET as it is an aromatic polyester from ethylene glycol. It provides a superior barrier as well as thermal properties, which makes it the ideal material for a wide range of applications. Polyethylene furanoate is often used in the packaging industry for alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, milk, soft drinks, fresh tea, or water.

The compound has been described in patent literature since 1951, but it gained attention in 2004 when the US department of energy proclaimed FDCA, its building block, a potential bio-based substitute for purified terephthalic acid (PTA). One life-cycle assessment showed that replacing PTA in the manufacturing of PET by bio-based FDCA for the production of polyethylene furanoate has a potential for a significant reduction in greenhouse gas or GHG emissions and non-renewable energy use or NREU. Polyethylene furanoate also presents as an intrinsically higher gas barrier for gases such as  carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water vapour than PET and hence, it can be considered as an alternative for packaging applications in bottles, films, and food trays.

Procurement Resource provides an in-depth cost analysis of Purified Polyethylene Furanoate production. The report incorporates the manufacturing process with detailed process and material flow, capital investment, operating costs along with financial expenses and depreciation charges. The study is based on the latest prices and other economic data available. We also offer additional analysis of the report with detailed breakdown of all cost components (Capital Investment Details, Production Cost Details, Economics for another Plant Location, Dynamic Cost Model).


Polyethylene Furanoate Production from Polymerization

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