Crude Coconut Oil Price Trend

In the last week of September 2021, crude coconut oil CIF Rotterdam prices were assessed at 1,600.50 USD/MT, representing an increase of 120 USD/MT (+8.1 percent) over the previous week's assessment. The significant price increase was a break from the relatively level trade trend observed over the previous few weeks, and it was brought about by a shortage of coconuts and a rising raw material prices. The price of raw materials increased, which resulted in an increase in the price of coconut oil. It had been difficult to cut the price of raw materials, in part due to logistical and labour availability concerns. Copra prices piked in recent weeks, making it harder to bring the price of coconut oil and derivatives down.

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Chart Description: 

Procurement Resource provides Crude Coconut Oil prices for several regions around the globe, which are as follows:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Africa

About Crude Coconut Oil: 

Crude Coconut Oil or CNO is one of the basic industrial grade oils, which is derived by squeezing out the oil from copra or dried coconut meat using expeller press. Virgin coconut oil, based on its extraction method, can be exposed to heat whereas raw coconut oil is never exposed to heat. Thus, not all virgin coconut oil is raw, but all raw coconut oil is virgin. Raw coconut oil is the purest form of coconut oil. Coconut oil is a rich source of medium chain triglyceride (MCTs), that are quickly absorbed by the body to generate energy.  

Industrial Uses: 

  • Cooking oil 
  • Food ingredient
  • Spread (virgin coconut oil) 
  • Snacks
  • Hair oil
  • Engine lubricant and as a transformer oil
  • Soaps and surfactants
  • Herbicides

Production Processes: 

  • Production of Crude Coconut Oil or CNO via Dry Process; and via Wet Process.

In the dry processing method, coconut meat is extracted from the shell and dried using fire, sunlight, or kilns to produce copra, which is further pressed or dissolved with solvents, thus, resulting in the formation of Coconut Oil along with a high-protein, high-fibre mash.

Supplier Database: 

  • Greenville Agro Corporation
  • P.T. Harvard Cocopro
  • Naturoca
  • Sun Bionaturals (India) Private Ltd. 
  • Celebes Coconut Corporation

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The displayed pricing data is derived through weighted average purchase price, including contract and spot transactions at the specified locations unless otherwise stated. The information provided comes from the compilation and processing of commercial data officially reported for each nation (i.e. government agencies, external trade bodies, and industry publications).


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