In November, the DOP market in China contracted. On November 8, the price of DOP was 12,175.00 RMB/MT, down 0.41 percent from the price of 12,225.00 RMB/MT on November 5, indicating the downward pricing of DOP. The cost of the raw materials 2-EH and PA decreased, lowering the total cost of DOP. The price of downstream plastic PVC plummeted precipitously, and demand decreased. While the number of DOP makers climbed slowly at first, the supply of DOP increased, easing the shortfall.

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Procurement Resource provides latest prices of DOP (Dioctyl phthalate). Each price database is tied to a user-friendly graphing tool dating back to 2014, which provides a range of functionalities: configuration of price series over user defined time period; comparison of product movements across countries; customisation of price currencies and unit; extraction of price data as excel files to be used offline.

Chart Description: 

Procurement Resource provides prices of DOP for several regions around the globe, which are as follows:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Africa


In appearance, DOP or Dioctyl phthalate is a clear liquid with a mild odour. It is slightly less dense than water and immiscible in it. Its flash point is around 430°F. It is basically utilised in the production of a variety of plastics and coating products. It helps to keep plastics soft and flexible, for instance, it is utilised to produce plastics which are further used as medical tubing and blood storage bags, cables and wire, carpetback coating, etc. 

Chemical Formula of

  • C24H38O4    


  • 117-84-0
  • Dioctyl phthalate
  • Di-n-octyl phthalate
  • Dioctyl benzene-1,2-dicarboxylate
  • Dinopol NOP

Molecular Weight

  • 390.6 g/mol

Industrial Uses

  • Plastic and PVC resins
  • Rubber products
  • Solvent
  • Used as dielectric and hydraulic fluids
  • Building/construction materials 
  • Electrical and electronic products
  • Fabric, textile, and leather products 
  • Furniture and furnishings 
  • Personal care products

Production Process

  • Production of DOP via Esterification 

DOP is prepared at atmospheric pressure or in a vacuum by heating an excess of n-octanol with phthalic anhydride using an esterification catalyst like sulphuric acid or p-toluenesulphonic acid. Thus, esterification of n-octanol with phthalic anhydride in the presence of a catalyst gives DOP. 

Supplier Database:     

  • Indo-Nippon Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Acros Organics

Note: Our supplier search experts can assist your procurement teams in compiling and validating a list of suppliers indicating they have products, services, and capabilities that meet your company's needs.


The displayed pricing data is derived through weighted average purchase price, including contract and spot transactions at the specified locations unless otherwise stated. The information provided comes from the compilation and processing of commercial data officially reported for each nation (i.e. government agencies, external trade bodies, and industry publications).


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