Sodium Hydroxide Price Trend

By mid-March, Shandong Zhenkun new material flake alkali had reached a price of around 4250 RMB/MT. The market was projected to do better in the later stages. On March 16th, Shandong Binhua quoted 980 RMB/MT for 32% caustic soda. The price of caustic soda was determined in advance, while the downstream was mostly obtained on demand. Additionally, Shandong Binhua flake alkali was reported to be priced at around 4100 RMB/MT. On March 16th, the ex-factory pricing of Dezhou Shihua caustic soda with a 32% ion-exchange membrane alkali was 3093.75 RMB/MT.

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Chart Description:

Procurement Resource provides prices of Sodium Hydroxide for several regions around the globe, which are as follows:

  • North America
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  • Europe
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  • Middle East
  • Africa

About Sodium Hydroxide:

Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye or caustic soda, is an inorganic compound. It appears to be a white solid ionic compound composed of sodium cations (Na+) and hydroxide anions (OH). It is a crystalline solid that melts without decomposition at 318 °C or 604 °F and boils at 388 °C or 2,530 °F. Sodium hydroxide is a highly caustic base and an alkali that decomposes proteins at normal room temperature. It is highly miscible in water and readily absorbs moisture and CO2 from the air. It is, however, insoluble in ether and other non-polar solvents.

Chemical Formula:

  • NaOH


  • Caustic soda
  • Sodium hydrate
  • Soda lye
  • White caustic

Molecular Weight:

  • 40 g/mol

Industrial Uses:

  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Textile

Production Processes:

  • Production of Sodium Hydroxide from Chlor-Alkali Process

This procedure involves the electrolysis of sodium chloride (brine). As a result, three products are produced: hydrogen, chlorine, and sodium hydroxide. The cathode and anode release hydrogen and chlorine, respectively, while the solution contains sodium hydroxide.

Supplier Database:

  • The DOW Chemical Company
  • Ciech S.A.
  • Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited
  • Kemira Chemicals, Inc.
  • Shandong Haihua Group Co., Ltd.
  • INEOS Newton Aycliffe Ltd.
  • Solvay Chemicals

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The displayed pricing data is derived through weighted average purchase price, including contract and spot transactions at the specified locations unless otherwise stated. The information provided comes from the compilation and processing of commercial data officially reported for each nation (i.e. government agencies, external trade bodies, and industry publications).

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