Titanium Dioxide Price Trend

Titanium Dioxide Prices (Q1 2022)


In January 2022, the average price of domestic titanium dioxide in local Chinese marketplaces was 20,735 RMB/MT. Traders were more careful in purchasing goods and downstream industries purchased things on demand. As a result, the overall market demand for titanium dioxide was general. In terms of titanium concentrate, the market in the Panxi region was quite stable in the first few weeks of the month. The overall state of the titanium ore market was satisfactory, and the price remained stable. The price of 38-grade titanium ore without tax was approximately 1,500-1,530 RMB/MT as of the 13th of January, while it was 2,220-2,260 RMB/MT for 46-grade titanium ore and 2,500-2,550 RMB/MT for 47-grade titanium ore.

Titanium Dioxide Prices (Q4 2021)


The compound in the Asia Pacific market experienced a mixed trend throughout the fourth quarter of 2021. These market attitudes were mostly related to lower operational loads at Chinese domestic manufacturing plants. However, the run rates improved after the Chinese government's consistent efforts to reduce electricity rationing in China. The demand forecast remained positive during the quarter, with inquiries coming in from both the local and international markets. As a result of the supply-demand mismatch, the FOB Wuhu debate for TiO2 rutile grade was decided at 3097 USD/MT at the end of the quarter.


Throughout the fourth quarter of 2021, the European market had consistent optimistic sentiment. Despite the overwhelming inventories at lower levels during the fourth quarter of 2021, the demand prognosis in the domestic market revealed varied opinions. Imports from the Asia Pacific region, on the other hand, remained disruptive due to limited accessibility of vessel freights and a decrease in the PMI index for titanium dioxide in China despite the application of severe environmental protection measures. In the European domestic market, however, the cost support from increasing freight charges kept the valuation of imported volumes high, and the average CFR NWE discussions were assessed at USD 3800 per tonne in the fourth quarter of 2021.

North America

Despite a bullish trend ruling the market for the bulk of the period, the North American market had mixed sentiments in the fourth quarter of 2021. This was mostly due to the adequate pushback from the supply-demand imbalance, which was further compounded by rising natural gas prices, which had taken a proper toll on the future production of numerous minerals, including titanium dioxide. An increase in COVID instances had prompted concerns in ore feedstock. As a result, during the fourth quarter of 2021, the FD UGSC (USA) quarterly average negotiations for the chemical CP Rutile Grade were finalised at USD 4434 per tonne.

Titanium Dioxide Prices (Q1-Q3 2021)


Its prices in the Asian market skyrocketed due to high demand and limited stock availability. Prices in the Chinese market surged significantly, reaching 2875 USD /MT at the end of March, well above the USD 2015/MT level in January 2021. Some dealers quoted prices that were significantly higher than expected, sending the domestic market to an almost three-year high. Meanwhile, a similar scenario was observed in the Indian market, where prices for Rutile grade TiO2 rose by 8% from January to March. The increase was attributed to strong demand from the domestic paints and coatings sector as well as premium cargo from China.

The price in India reached 3424 USD /MT and 3001 USD /MT for Rutile and Anatase grades during the last week of June.

Prices increased somewhat in the Asian market during the third quarter of 2021. After a steady recovery since mid-June, its price in India fell slightly in August, pushed down by lower import prices. The chemical’s price continued to rise in the Chinese domestic market, with FOB Wuhu talks for Rutile grade TiO2 settling at 3125 USD/MT for the week ending September 24th.


The prices climbed significantly in the European region during Q2 2021, owing to strong demand from the downstream sector. Major global suppliers indicated that they have seen a surge in its demand for primarily from Europe and Asia, despite a global supply constraint. Furthermore, a global player raised titanium dioxide costs in Europe by 200 USD /MT this quarter, effective Q3 2021.

Price increases of 139-174 USD /MT were seen in Q3 by western suppliers in a tight and buoyant market that faced multiple persistent pulls on supply, including an ongoing lack of Chinese export competitiveness. Furthermore, container constraints hampered its delivery to the rest of the world.

North America

Price for titanium dioxide (TiO2) Anatase grade increased steadily across the United States, rising 2.27% from January 2021 to March 2021, and were settled at 3150 USD /MT by the conclusion of the quarter.

In the meantime, some big manufacturers boosted their product pricing to better their margins, such as Venator, which increased its titanium dioxide price by roughly 160 USD /MT for the third quarter of 2021 in the North America region. Overall, prices for Anatase grade in the United States hovered about 3485 USD /MT through the end of June.

Titanium Dioxide Prices 2020 Overview


Coronavirus-related shutdowns in the first half of the quarter prompted forcible measures at several small-scale ilmenite factories in China and India, subsequently exacerbating the Titanium supply problem. The chemical's tight supply condition was extended until the end of the quarter, as few participants were heard holding cargoes in expectation of an exceptional surge in its seasonal demand. In India, purchasers took a wait-and-see strategy because of the concerns about an unpredictable demand pattern following the second wave of the pandemic around the end of September. Whereas in China, producers were heard operating at optimal rates even though export orders were low in July.

The prices in India settled at 2888 USD/MT in September, indicating a decrease. Throughout the quarter, demand in India varied in a limited range, particularly in the latter half of September as a result of the second round of lockdown in numerous sections of the nation.


Demand in the European region has been significantly boosted by higher offtakes in the furniture, building, and industrial sectors compared to Q2, after a boost in containment measures. DIY activities increased significantly as people engaged in more home renovation and building tasks during the extended period of lockdown. With the restart of Chinese shipments in the latter half of Q2 2020, supply has also remained plentiful.

North America

The supply in North America remained adequate, as companies were seen constantly altering their production rates in response to the volatility in the demand pattern. In the final week of September, news of Chemours' forthcoming titanium dioxide factory in Georgia valued USD 86 million alleviated fears about supply strain. By September, demand in the construction sector had significantly increased; however, resurgent cases of virus hindered the anticipated recovery in demand. However, due to a severe fall in market fundamentals in some end-use areas, its prices had significantly faded by quarter-end. Delays in a number of commercial projects, followed by a poor recovery in the downstream automotive market, were identified as primary causes of the protracted recovery curve.

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About Titanium Dioxide:

It is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium that is generally sourced from ilmenite, rutile, and anatase. It is a white solid, unreactive in nature. It finds a wide range of applications owing to its characteristics features like whiteness and opacity. Titanium Dioxide is most widely utilised as a pigment under the names titanium white, Pigment White 6 (PW6), and others. 

Chemical Formula of Titanium Dioxide:

  • TiO2


  • Titania
  • Titanium (IV) oxide
  • Rutile
  • 13463-67-7

Molecular Weight:

  • 79.87 g/mol

Industrial Uses:

  • Pigment for paints and coatings
  • Cosmetics
  • Food colouring
  • Industrial uses
  • Sunscreens
  • Shrinking agents (glass fibres)

Production Processes: 

  • Titanium Dioxide Production via Sulphate Process; via Chloride Process; via Rutile; and via Ilmenite 

In the Sulphate process, technology is used to convert low grade and cheap ores to finally obtain Titanium pigment with the help of sulphuric acid.

Supplier Database:

  • The Chemours Company
  • Tronox Holdings plc
  • KRONOS Worldwide, Inc. 
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • CINKARNA Celje d.d.
  • Tronox Holdings plc
  • Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co.Ltd 
  • Nanjing Titanium Dioxide Chemical Co., Ltd. 
  • Ningbo Xinfu Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd 

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