Zeolites Price Trend

Zeolites Prices (Q4 2021)


Due to the rising usage of zeolite in the production of lightweight construction materials and as a major component in the production of asphalt concrete, increased government infrastructure spending in markets such as India and China were expected to drive product demand.

North America

After a long shut down, the market again saw some restrictions due to the discovery of a new variant of COVID. There was also increased demand for electric vehicles, so the zeolites market was also seen as good. In November, Zeotech developed the first bench-scale continuous closed loop circuit. It is used in kaolin feedstock to make pure linde type-A synthetic zeolite products. This development showed a growth in the market for zeolite.

Zeolites Prices (Q1-Q3 2021)


For the first three quarters of 2021, the zeolite industry was predicted to be driven by stringent government requirements for greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a strong production base of detergents and refrigerants in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

North America

The increased production volume of zeolites as detergent builders, owing to their excellent cleaning capabilities, was expected to boost the industry's expansion. Under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200, the commodities, on the other hand, are classified as hazardous chemicals. Government laws have had a positive impact on market growth because increased exposure to such things has been related to an increased risk of malignant mesothelioma.

Latin America

There was a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly products. Zeolite-based detergents show better removal of dirt and other foreign particles than ordinary detergents. Therefore, the market for zeolite showed positive growth due to this factor. There was an increasing demand seen in separation processes like water purification and filtration.

Zeolites Prices Overview 2020


In India, the market for zeolite in 2020 saw a constant price at 764 USD/MT throughout the year. In China, the price of zeolite was 728 USD/MT. Water contamination was a big worry, therefore governments around the world imposed strict laws for the dumping of waste generated by the production of detergents and other chemicals. This boosted the market's growth since zeolites, as cation-exchangers, aid in pollution control.


In 2020, Europe had the second-largest revenue share. The price of the metal was recorded at 553 USD/MT in the Netherlands.

North America

In 2020, the detergent builders segment accounted for more than 55% of total sales. The industry's growth was predicted to be aided by the increased production volume of zeolites as detergent builders, owing to their better cleaning properties. This metal is commonly utilized as a phosphorus alternative in detergent manufacturing because of its excellent efficacy in removing dirt and preventing the deposition of any unwanted particles.

Latin America

In South America, the price is majorly driven by the North American market. There was a demand seen in the detergent market, which influenced the South American market for zeolite. Due to environmental concerns and government restrictions, zeolite was preferred over phosphorous. Governments were also providing incentives, which hence showed a positive growth in the zeolite market in this region.

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About Zeolites:

Zeolites are crystalline solids of aluminium silicate that are microporous and three-dimensional. Zeolites include small, fixed-size pores that allow small molecules to pass readily but not larger molecules; this is why they are occasionally referred to as molecular sieves. The use of synthetic zeolites and other microporous oxides has resulted in the improvement of insulated windows, automotive air conditioning, freezers, truck air brakes, and laundry detergents, among other applications.

Chemical Formula of Zeolite:

  • M2/nOAl2O3⋅xSiO2⋅yH2O  


  • 1327-44-2; 1318-02-1
  • Aluminosilicates

Molecular Weight

  • 162.143 g/mol

Industrial Uses

  • As an industrial catalytic agent in oil refining
  • For gas separation
  • Agent for ion exchange techniques
  • For pollutant removal
  • As drying agents in detergents, water, and air purifiers
  • As dietary supplements
  • As decolorizing and anticaking agent in personal care products

Production Processes:     

  • Production of 4A Zeolite using sodium metasilicate solution.

This production process involves the addition of an industrial dense sodium metasilicate solution containing SiO2 (at a proportionate concentration) to a sodium aluminate solution generated by the Bayer process. After stirring vigorously for approximately 1 to 3 hours, the mixture is filtered, cleaned, and dried to get 4A zeolite.

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  • Clariant AG
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • National Aluminium Company Limited
  • IQE Group

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