High-Density Polyethylene’s Chemical and Corrosion Resistance Properties Increases its Demand from Several Sectors

High-Density Polyethylene’s Chemical

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is basically a thermoplastic polymer made up of petroleum. Since it is employed in High-Density Polyethylene pipes, it is referred to as Alkathene or Polythene. It has a high crystalline structure and is solid at room temperature.

Also, it is considered a superlative substance for manufacturing and packaging applications while having a great resistance to chemicals, insects, and rods. HDPE is also certified as a good polymer for the food grade.

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HDPE acts as a powerful barrier to moisture and is much tougher than standard polyethylene. It has excellent processability, is strong, and is inexpensive. It has three types of manufacturing processes which are the gas phase process, the slurry process, and the solution process. The feedstock of High-density polyethylene is naphtha, natural gas, and others.

HDPE finds application in various industries because of its chemical and corrosion resistance nature. With the growing urbanisation, increasing internet penetration, and uplifted sales of smartphones and the e-commerce industry the demand for the packaging sector is boosting across the globe.

The manufacture of the products like bags and bottle caps is propelling the food and beverage sector. The number of online food delivery platforms is rising, which is also making the HDPE market grow. Apart from the pipes made from HDPE, it is also employed and used in the construction industry.

Furthermore, HDPE is also used in the manufacturing of toys, fashion apparel, and goods related to sports as it provides flexibility and durability in packaging and could resist physical stress and allows easy molding of the product. The application of the polymer is also increasing in the agricultural sector such as dippers, emitting pipes at irrigation yields, microtubes, and nozzles.

Region-wise, Asia Pacific gives the highest market share for the HDPE industry and is expected to hold the largest segment in the upcoming years. China and India are the leading countries because of the higher production of high-density polyethylene.

The second largest share for HDPE is held by Europe because of the higher growth rate in the automotive industry which is projected to add high market revenue in the region. Whereas North America is also predicted to show development in the market globally. Due to the high demand for polymers from the industries such as electric and electronics, automotive, packaging, and pharmaceutical, the United States has accounted for the largest share.

The increasing market size of consumer goods and packaging industries is one of the main factor which is propelling the growth of the market in the Middle East and Africa. The sector is boosting up owing to the rise in demand for viable and safe packaging, the surging number of packaging companies, and increasing urbanisation.

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The prominent companies in the global sector of HDPE are The Dow Chemical Company, Exxon Mobil Corporation, LyondellBasell Industries N.V., INEOS AG, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Company, PetroChina Company Ltd., Braskem, Reliance Industries Ltd., Formosa Plastics Corporation, Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd., Prime Polymer Co. Ltd., and Mitsui Chemicals Inc.

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