The Global Wheat Starch Market, Its Segments, and Key Developments

The Global Wheat Starch Market

Wheat starch is produced by removing the proteins from wheat flour and resembles corn starch or flour in its processed state. It has now become an essential component of the food industry. It is primarily used as a thickening agent, food additive, and active ingredient in various food products and is also a manufacturing component in the textile and paper industries.

It not only acts as a fat substitute but also as an emulsifier, stabiliser, and glazing agent. In addition, wheat starch is used in gel formation, adhesion, binding, and moisture retention.
The global wheat starch market is classified by type, grade, end-user, application, and region. By type, the wheat starch market is divided into native wheat starch and modified wheat starch while the grade is segmented into food grade, feed grade, and industrial grade. Also, the global wheat starch market application segment is divided into animal feed, drug formulations, paper-based products, textiles, and others.

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Flour contains 75%-80% starch, while the remaining 5%-10% is second-grade starch, containing small granules, proteins, and pentosans. The hydroclone process separates starch from gluten by using a battery of hydroclones. The high-pressure disintegration process is the most used method for extracting wheat starch.

High-pressure shearing separates starch granules from proteins and distributes them throughout the slurry. Wheat starch is a non-gluten, non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), and non-allergenic ingredient highly preferred by gluten-intolerant consumers.

Wheat starch can be used as a thickening agent in the food and beverage industries. Due to its popularity in the end-user industries including animal feed, paper industries, food and beverage industries, textile industries, cosmetic industries, and others, the global wheat starch market is expected to grow lucratively.

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While the global wheat starch industry is geographically divided into five major regions, North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, Asia Pacific has emerged as the dominant region in the global market. Increasing demand for wheat starch as a gelling agent in various food products has bolstered the growth of the global wheat starch market in the region, which is expected to grow significantly over the upcoming years.

The prominent companies, including Archer Daniels Midland Company, Cargill Inc., Tereos Starch & Sweeteners, and others aim at expanding label-friendly food additives. Such key players in the wheat starch market are building strategies such as research and development, mergers, and acquisitions, to expand their geographical manifestation and customers.

The food industry companies are always looking for food additives that fulfill their need for enhancing texture, binding, emulsification, and others, hence propelling the global market for wheat starch. To help promote this ahead wheat starch producers are investing in research and development to improve and make changes to help produce superior quality starch.

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