Bromine prices in China have been witnessing a rise recently

Bromine Prices in China

Bromine prices in China have recently inched upwards. Chinese bromine manufacturers are currently operating under conditions of low inventory, which has been a consistent trend. This limited availability of bromine along with constrained supply conditions have caused the bromine prices to see an uptrend. The imports of bromine to China have also been seeing a dip. The nearing closure of the import window could potentially disrupt operations.

On the demand side, the production of downstream products such as flame retardants, which are significant consumers of bromine, has been reported to be average. The industry's weak but steady operation suggests that while there isn't a booming demand, there is a consistent requirement for bromine, which, when combined with low supply, contributes to price increases. Additionally, the demand from agriculture and intermediates remains stable, which is incessantly drawing off bromine’s limited supplies, further bolstering bromine prices in China.

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Therefore, the tailing-off of domestic inventories and the approaching end of the import window for bromine, coupled with steady demand from key sectors like flame retardants and agriculture have been major drivers of bromine prices in China.

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