The Price of Coconut Imported from Thailand is Witnessing an Increasing Trend in the U.S. Market

Price of Coconut

Currently, the coconut prices from Thailand are experiencing a noteworthy hike in the USA, driven by the heightened demand during the Lunar New Year. The supply of Thai coconuts to the U.S. market is undergoing a notable shortage, more severe than what is typically observed around this time of the year. This scarcity is partly attributed to weather conditions that resulted in lower rainfall and a reduced crop yield. Additionally, the demand for Thai coconuts surges during the Lunar New Year, particularly from neighboring countries, leading to a significant portion of the supply being diverted away from the U.S. market. This period sees a preference for coconuts as part of the festivities, affecting the availability in other markets.
Coconut prices are expected to remain high until the supply situation improves, which might only happen in the later part of the year. The pricing sensitivity is significant due to the minimal profit margins of Thai coconuts, with even slight fluctuations in price having a noticeable impact on the market.

Thai coconuts, known for their year-round availability and variety, including conventional and organic options as well as an "easy open" version, are facing growing demand in the U.S. This is primarily due to the rising popularity of coconut water as a healthful drink option. The "easy open" coconut, in particular, caters to this demand by offering a more convenient way to consume fresh coconut water.

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According to Procurement Resource, Thai coconut prices in the USA have surged due to increased Lunar New Year demand and a significant supply shortage, exacerbated by weather-induced lower yields and high demand from neighboring countries. This scarcity has led to elevated prices, which are sensitive due to minimal profit margins and are expected to remain high until supply improves later in the year. The popularity of Thai coconuts, including the convenient "easy open" version, continues to grow in the U.S., driven by the health trend favoring coconut water.

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