Silicon Prices in China Have Been Moderately Up While Industrial Silicon Metal Prices Dipped

Silicon Prices

Silicon prices in China have shown stability throughout February, reflecting the completion of production resumption at mines and an easing of early weather-related transportation restrictions in the northwest region. This led silica supply to ramp up and move in a moderate range, with the connection between new downstream industrial silicon production capacities in the northwest and raw material silica suppliers further stabilizing the market. As these new capacities come online, a corresponding increase in silica demand is anticipated, driven by the growth in downstream production capabilities.

The ex-mine prices for silicon in the Asian market have been reported in the range of 380-420 yuan per ton, indicating a steady market situation. The easing of climate impacts and the resumption of transportation at mines have contributed to the normalization of silica supply. On the demand side, procurement activities by downstream silicon companies are picking up pace, signaling a slight improvement in overall silica demand. With the year progressing, expectations are set for a rise in demand for silica.

Dipping Industrial Silicon Metal Prices

In the industrial silicon metal market, recent transactions have been relatively light. However, there has been activity in terms of bidding orders for silicon powder from polysilicon companies, albeit at prices lower than those seen before the Chinese New Year holiday. This has led to a strong purchasing mood among grinding companies aiming to secure lower prices, while silicon factory quotations have remained stable, with some specifications seeing minor reductions. Consequently, industrial silicon prices have experienced a decline.

Despite this, the demand for various silicone products has remained strong post-holidays, contributing to improved profitability for some plants. With the operating rates of these plants staying stable, the demand for silicon has been essentially consistent, supporting a balanced supply and demand dynamic in the market.

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According to Procurement Resource, Silicon prices in China remained steady in February due to the resumption of production at mines and the lifting of early weather-related transportation restrictions in the northwest. With the supply of silica normalizing and new downstream industrial silicon capacities gradually coming online, demand for silica is poised to rise. However, industrial silicon market transactions have been modest, with recent bids for silicon powder indicating a drop in prices post-Chinese New Year, despite stable to slightly reduced factory quotes.

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