Speira to Buy and Incorporate Real Alloy Europe

Speira to Buy and Incorporate Real Alloy Europe

Speira is a supporter of several projects to ensure that even more aluminium goods are correctly recycled when their useful life has expired. It works to build pan-European networks of national efforts to promote and recycle aluminium. Besides, it collaborates closely with clients in the food and beverage industry and national and municipal governments and stakeholders to enhance the collecting and recycling of used aluminium goods.
Owing to this, Europe's average recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans has risen to 76 percent. Speira has created a strategy with its industry partners to recycle 100 percent of aluminium beverage cans by 2030. The company predicts higher recycling of used aluminium packaging in more and more nations due to more innovative sorting and recycling processes while assisting with its technical expertise.

Furthermore, Speira headquartered in Grevenbroich, Germany, is a prominent aluminium rolling and recycling enterprise that produces about one million tonnes of rolled aluminium products per year. It has seven manufacturing sites and an R&D centre in Germany and Norway, including the world's largest aluminium rolling mill, Alunorf, and the world's largest rolled aluminium finishing mill, Grevenbroich. Speira employs around 5,000 people and is honoured to work with some of the world's most recognisable brands in the automotive, packaging, printing, engineering, and construction industries. 

With seven sites and over 600 people spread across Germany, Norway, France, and the United Kingdom, Real Alloy Europe is a leading European recycler of aluminium and magnesium scrap and related byproducts. Speira's ability to use recycled metal in its production and offer high-quality, low-carbon rolled aluminium products to its clients will be enhanced due to the acquisition.

Aluminum recycling has numerous environmental, economic, and community benefits; it conserves energy, time, money, and precious natural resources; and creates jobs too. In addition, it contributes to the funding of community programmes that improve the lives of millions of people.

Speira, the top aluminium rolling, and recycling company, said on February 21, 2022, that it had reached a definitive agreement to acquire Real Alloy's European Operations (Real Alloy Europe) which will help the company further from more superior quality products that would have a low carbon footprint. On the other hand, Real Alloy Europe, as being part of Speira will continue to extend considerable third-party services to the aluminum industry in Europe.

However, the transaction will be subject to usual closing conditions and clearances. Real Alloy Europe is the European leader in recycling aluminium and magnesium scrap and related by-products, with seven plants and around 600 staff spread across Germany, Norway, France, and the United Kingdom.
Einar Glomnes, CEO of Speira, stated that Speira's acquisition of Real Alloy Europe would help us move closer to our goal of closing loops from scrap to finished product and back. They continue investing in the combined expertise of Speira and Real Alloy Europe to address market demand for sustainable and circular solutions.

Glomnes said that Speira will remain focused on providing third-party recycling services to Real Alloy Europe's existing and potential customers following the acquisition. Additionally, he mentioned that the company will serve the whole European aluminium industry, working closely with clients across the value chain.


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