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TrendMiner Creates Superior Version of Analytics for Process Manufacturing Sector

TrendMiner, a Technology AG organisation, has announced the subsequent version operational application for advanced technological insights on-premises, internet, Subscription, and blended implementations. The 2022.R1 version of TrendMiner NextGen provides a seamless customer experience and empowers an enlarged population of operations and maintenance professionals to methods of knowledge decisions that enhance their processes' performance to fulfill economic, sustainability, and protection objectives.

Irrespective of their expertise of statistical experience, TrendMiner NextGen provides operational insights to anybody in an organisation. Machine Learning (ML) and Machine Intelligence increasingly allow users can perform everything from basic summary statistics to sophisticated analytical, preventative, and regulatory analytics (AI).

Every corporation around the globe entrusted with scaled manufacturing depends on (time-series) information to comprehend, monitor, and optimize their operations, stated Nick Van Damme, Director of Products at TrendMiner. The problem is harnessing data's significance without having to employ and keep big, extremely knowledgeable IT and information science teams. At the touch of a key, TrendMiner NextGen makes observations from operational available data to all administrative professionals who desire these. For our business, this is really a league.

TrendMiner empowers technology-intensive company production leaders to evaluate and understand operational performance by implementing sensor-generated time-series data with situational complete details. The easy-to-use method of browsing across hundreds of different sensors across decades of observation sets the 2022.R1 edition besides other trend clients. TrendMiner provides fast answers to what has transpired, how frequently it has occurred, and why it has occurred. A rapid summary of production performance can be obtained by searching, filtering, colouring, switching, and comparing trend views.

Factories currently collect and store a massive amount of data relevant to the manufacturing process, either directly or indirectly. All this information is usually stored in best-of-breed business apps that serve specific operational needs. If operational experts can get access to all the contextual data stored in multiple business applications, they can gain fresh insights on how to improve operational performance. Technicians can now use the interface incorporates provided by, which is now included within the TrendMiner platform, to build their own connectors to essential business systems. Furthermore, the self-service integration enables the creation of processes across on-premises and cloud-based business systems.

TrendMiner, a Software AG firm and part of the IoT & Analytics division, provides self-service data analytics for industries like chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, metals & mining, and other process manufacturing industries. The TrendMiner programme is based on a high-performance time-series analytics engine that allows consumers to directly interrogate data without the help of data scientists. The plug-and-play software provides immediate value after installation, avoiding the need for infrastructure investments and lengthy implementation efforts. Users can employ search, diagnostic, and predictive features to speed up root cause analysis, create ideal processes, and set up early alerts for production monitoring. Team members can also use TrendMiner software to gather comments and share information across teams and sites. TrendMiner, which was founded in 2008 and now is owned by Software AG, has offices in the United States, Spain, and the Netherlands.


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