Ammonia Production Cost Reports

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The report provides a detailed analysis essential for establishing an ammonia manufacturing plant. It encompasses all critical aspects necessary for ammonia production, including the cost of ammonia production, ammonia plant cost, ammonia production costs, and the overall ammonia manufacturing plant cost. Additionally, the study covers specific expenditures associated with setting up and operating an ammonia production plant. These encompass manufacturing processes, raw material requirements, utility requirements, infrastructure needs, machinery and technology requirements, manpower requirements, packaging requirements, transportation requirements, and more.

Ammonia Production Cost Report

Ammonia is an inorganic chemical compound, considered as the simplest pnictogen hydride with major applications in agrochemical, chemical, plastic, and dyestuff industries. It is mainly used to be applied in the soil at farms and works as a key raw ingredient in making fertilizers for farm crops, plants, and lawns. Furthermore, it serves as a key ingredient in cleaning liquids, including stain removers, glass cleaners, and more. It is also used as a refrigerant gas to purify water supplies as well as to manufacture several chemicals. Other products that use ammonia for their production are plastics, textiles, explosives, dyes, and pesticides.

The market for ammonia is strengthened by its strong demand as a raw material in fertilizers, cleaners, dyes, and plastic varieties. The usage of ammonia covering the production of chemical cleansers, along with its derivatives (including hydroxylamine, etc.), drives its demand in the chemical industry. Similarly, its involvement in the production of dyestuffs and coating chemicals increases its demand in the market. Moreover, its applications, majorly for the production of fertilizers and agrochemicals, strengthen its market growth while increasing its demand in the agricultural industry.

Industrial ammonia procurement is majorly influenced by factors including its demand as a raw material for agrochemicals, chemicals, and plastics, along with its supply, logistics, prices, governmental regulations, etc. The rise or fall in these factors, primarily its demand as a nitrogen-based compound in agricultural, chemical, and plastic industries, along with the prices for industrial ammonia and supply, directly determine its procurement on a global scale.

Raw Material for Ammonia

According to the ammonia manufacturing plant project report, the key raw materials for ammonia production includes natural gas; heavy fuel oil and coal.

Manufacturing Process of ammonia

The extensive ammonia production cost report consists of the major industrial manufacturing processes:

  • By Haber Process: The manufacturing process of ammonia begins with the natural gas undergoing decomposition, producing hydrogen, which is then treated with nitrogen in the presence of a metal catalyst to give ammonia as the final product.
  • From Heavy Fuel Oil and Coal: The production process of ammonia is initiated by processing the heavy fuel oils and coal through gasification, partial oxidation, and purification to produce ammonia at the end.

Ammonia (NH3) is a poisonous gas mainly produced by the anaerobic decay of plant and animal matter. It is a naturally occurring compound that is produced by human activity. It is vital for plants and animals as it is a great source of nitrogen.

Ammonia is a colourless gas with a familiar foul smell comprising nitrogen and hydrogen. It can be dissolved in water, and if exposed to open air, it quickly turns to gas.

It is an anhydrous and is hygroscopic (readily absorbs moisture). It has a density (liquid) of 6 lb/gal. In a gaseous form, it is nonflammable but burns within certain vapour concentration limits. It has a molecular weight/ Molar Mass of 17.031 g/mol: a density of 0.73 kg/m³. Its boiling and melting points are -33.34 °C and −77.73 °C.

Ammonia Production Cost Processes with Cost Analysis

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Ammonia Production from Natural Gas

This report provides the cost structure of ammonia production by Haber Process.

Details: Germany - based plant   Q1 2024 From $ 2499.00 USD

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Ammonia Production from Heavy Oils

This report provides the economy of producing ammonia by partial oxidation method.

Details: Germany - based plant   Q1 2024 From $ 2499.00 USD

Product Details

Particulars Details
Product Name Ammonia
Scope Manufacturing Process: Process Flow, Material Flow, Material Balance

Raw Material and Product Specifications: Raw Material Consumption, Product and Co-product Generation

Land and Site Cost: Offsites/Civil Works, Equipment Cost, Auxiliary Equipment Costs, Contingency, Engineering and Consulting Charges, Working Capital

Variable Cost: Raw Material, Utilities, Other Variable Costs

Fixed Cost: Labor Requirements and Wages, Overhead Expenses, Maintenance Charges, Other Fixed Costs

Financing Costs: Interest on Working Capital, Interest on Loans

Other Costs: Depreciation Charges, General Sales and Admin Cost
Currency US$ (Data can also be provided in the local currency)
Pricing and Purchase Options Basic: US$ 2499
Premium: US$ 3499
Enterprise: US$ 4799
Customization Scope The report can be customized as per the requirement of the customer
Post-Sale Analysts Report 10-12 weeks of post-purchase analyst support after report delivery for any queries from the deliverable
Delivery Format PDF and Excel format through email (editable version in PPT/Word format of the report can be also provided on special request)

Key Questions Answered in This Report

  • What are the key requirements for setting up an Ammonia manufacturing plant?
  • How is Ammonia manufactured?
  • What is the process flow involved in producing Ammonia?
  • What are the raw material requirements and costs for producing Ammonia?
  • What is the total size of land required for setting up an Ammonia manufacturing plant?
  • What are the construction requirements for setting up an Ammonia manufacturing plant?
  • What are the machinery requirements for producing Ammonia?
  • What are the utility requirements and costs for producing Ammonia?
  • What are the manpower requirements for producing Ammonia?
  • What are the average salaries/wages of manpower working in an Ammonia manufacturing plant?
  • What are the packaging requirements and associated costs for Ammonia?
  • What are the transportation requirements and associated costs for Ammonia?
  • What are the capital costs for setting up an Ammonia manufacturing plant?
  • What are the operating costs for setting up an Ammonia manufacturing plant?
  • What should be the price of Ammonia?
  • What will be the income and expenditures for an Ammonia manufacturing plant?


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