Barley Price Trend

Barley Prices (Q1 2022)

North America

As global barley supplies remain limited, the prices were following wheat and maize prices. Omicron, as well as regulatory regulations, were nevertheless keeping a close eye on malting barley demand. Prices were 0.28 USD/kg during Q1 of 2022. The price in Ontario was 354 USD/MT in January 2022. Ontario's price of the grain climbed by 2.84% annually from 263 USD/MT in February 2021 to 354 USD/MT in January 2022.

Barley Prices (Q4 2021)


Even in the final quarter of 2021, China was making large purchases of French and Ukrainian barley as the surging prices of feed grains came down a bit. The country was also reported to making forward purchases of harvest barley for the upcoming year of 2022 from France and Ukraine. Some four vessels of the grain were booked for shipment from France while up to 10 cargoes were to be imported from Ukraine.


Europe too faced the problems of global barley shortage due to crop damage from rains in several region which led to a cut down in crop estimates in the final quarter of 2021.

North America

In North America, the prices increased following dry weather scorched fields in major barley producing areas. In Canada, the output shrunk to its lowest since 1968 reducing by 34% whereas America witnessed lowest crop harvest since 1934. As the demand for beer increased, so did the demand for good-quality barley which drove up the prices in Canada to 9 Canadian Dollars per bushel.

Barley Prices (Q1-Q3 2021)


In 2021, China continued to import heavily from Europe and Canada after imposing 80.5% tariffs on barley imports from Australia following diplomatic disputes with Canberra. France and Ukraine were the major exporters of the grain to China while a significant amount of the grain from Canadia had been booked for 2021 by the country to feed the large population as it recovered from the pandemic which increased the prices unusually in the region.


In Europe, the grain’s harvest quality varied from country to country as a lot of crops were subjected to adverse weather conditions in 2021. Denmark was one of the few regions to report a good harvest.

North America

In North America, severe drought impacted several food grain crops including barley. The production in US dropped from 3.5 MMT to 2.3 MMT. In Canada, the production was as low as 6.5 MMT against an estimated value of 12.5 MMT.

Barley Prices Overview 2020


In India, the prices in the Jaipur market were trading at 1367 INR/quintal in October 2020 and was expected to go lower due to weak demand amid high supplies. The beer market had been affected by the lockdowns as restaurants, bars and alcohol shops were shut which brought down the prices by 20% in the second quarter of 2020. Distilleries, breweries and malting units were running at 35% capacity during this period which brought down the demand and prices of barley in the region. In 2020, China imported the grain heavily from Ukraine after it shifted supplies from Russia and Australia. In the 2020-21 period, China imported up to 2.8 MT from Ukraine as a result of a considerable increase in local food consumption as the country recovered from the pandemic towards the end of the year.


Prices were gradually increasing worldwide as demand increased for the food grain. France was a major exporter in the EU followed by Ukraine. The major export region was China along with other Asian countries like Thailand and Turkey and parts of North Africa.

North America

Production in the US declined slightly owing to less demand which led to a decline in prices. The average seasonal price of the grain in the region was assessed at around 4.55 USD per bushel. Even though lesser area was dedicated to its plantation and production, the exports increased by 1 million bushels from August to September 2020.

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About Barley: 

Barley is a well-known member of the grass family. It is a major cereal grain that is often grown in temperate climates all over the globe. In 2017, barley production stood at volume of around 149 million tonnes, making it fourth among grains (maize, rice and wheat respectively) in terms of production quantity. Barley, being rich in protein contents, competes with corn and sorghum as a feed grain. 


  • Hordeum vulgare

Industrial Uses: 

  • Production of malt
  • Brew industry
  • Alcohols 
  • Non-alcoholic beverages

Production Processes: 

  • Production of Barley via Cultivation.

Barley can be cultivated both as a summer or winter crop and hence, is grown in tropical as well as subtropical climatic condition. It demands approximately 12-15°C temperature during growing period and nearly 30-32°C at maturity. Further, Barley exhibits extreme sensitivity to frost at any stage of growth.

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