Crude Sunflower Oil Price Trend

Crude Sunflower Oil Prices (Q1 2022)


Typically, more than 90% of India's sunflower oil imports originate from Ukraine and Russia, primarily Ukraine. In March, India bought 210,000 MT of sunflower oil, up from 152,220 MT in February, aided by the arrival of a few ships that had left Ukraine before the war. After Ukrainian sunflower oil shipments ended, Indian refiners attempted to procure additional supplies from Russia and Argentina.

India negotiated for 45k MT of Sunflower oil from Russia at a record high price, as edible oil prices in the domestic market soared following the suspension of supply from competitor Ukraine. Refiners purchased crude sunflower oil in India for a record high price of 2,150 USD/MT (CIF), compared to 1,630 USD/MT prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


The cost had already surged even before Russia's invasion, but post invasion, vegetable oil increased to 1.30 GBP/liter at the store, up 22%, y-o-y. Sunflower oil, of which Ukraine and Russia are one of the biggest producers, was up considerably too, by 17p to 1.34 GBP/liter. The UK's largest bottler of sunflower oil warned that supplies were running short, with just a few weeks remaining, and it revealed that makers of items reliant on the oil, such as crisps and oven chips, were being forced to alter their formulations and switch to alternative oils

North America

In New York and Washington, the average price of a tonne of sunflower oil was 1229.61 USD.

Crude Sunflower Oil Prices (Q4 2021)


The government reduced the base import tariff on crude sunflower oil from 7.5 % to 2.5 % in October. The 37.5 % base import duty on refined sunflower oil was cut to 32.5 %. Imports of crude palm oil, soyoil, and sunflower oil would face a total tax of 24.75 % after the changes, including a 2.5 % basic import tariff and other taxes, while refined palm oil, soyoil, and sunflower oil would face a total tax of 35.75 %. Imports account for more than two-thirds of India's edible oil consumption, and the country has been attempting to maintain steady domestic oil prices in recent months. Palm oil is primarily imported from Indonesia and Malaysia, whilst soy and sunflower oils are primarily imported from Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, and Russia. In the run-up to big festivals, when demand for edible oil increases, tax cuts would slash prices.


As crude oil prices fell, sunflower prices in Ukraine fell to a three-month low, putting pressure on the vegetable oil complex, while the reappearance of a Covid-19 variant fueled fears of harsher movement restrictions across Europe. As a result of wider declines across the oil complex, sunflower crushers dropped their prices by more than 55-73 USD/MT in December, to 678-715 USD/MT.

North America

Sunflower oil prices in the United States ranged from 1.36k to 1.42k USD/MT in the fourth quarter. The price of refined sunflower oil in the United States was 1493 USD/MT. Many international firms attempted to establish connections with local producers in order to meet regional demand. Furthermore, its use in biodiesel production has aided the sunflower seed oil market's expansion.

Crude Sunflower Oil Prices (Q1-Q3)


Sunflower Oil prices in India increased by 90% year on year, from 85 INR per litre to 150 INR per litre. The price increase was caused by rising demand and a decrease in imports. Due to the widespread use of sunflower oil in bakery, snack, and confectionery items, the Asia-Pacific region had tremendous growth potential in the global market. In 2021, the region's bakery business thrived, because to growing demand for new and healthier baked goods. Singapore's Ministry of Health, for example, declared in 2019 that all PHOs will be banned as an ingredient in all meals beginning in June 2021. As a result, food producers began using sunflower seed oil, which raised demand in the region. Because they were among the world's most populous countries, India and China were the region's largest importers.


Sunflower seed prices in Ukraine were 645 USD/MT in January, 740 USD/MT in May, and 568 USD/MT in September. The business in the region was flourishing, with demand for this type of oil skyrocketing. Its high smoke point and huge amount of unsaturated fatty acids fueled its popularity in the region.

North America

The US export price of sunflower oil was expected to be 1.35k USD/MT in January, USD/MT in May, and 1.31k USD/MT in September during the first three quarters of 2021. The price of refined sunflower oil in the United States was 1493 USD/MT. Food companies' increased use of this oil for frying and cooking has resulted in a boom in domestic demand in recent years. Furthermore, a growing number of businesses in the area were investing in huge food processing facilities.

Crude Sunflower Oil Prices Overview 2020


In November, crude sunflower oil prices in India were 1148 USD/MT. According to the Solvent Extractors' Association of India (SEA), edible oil imports fell by 5%, bringing the total to 14.2 MMT. This was due to supply chain disruptions and lower-income consumers' spending cuts. Supply chain management disruptions, on the other hand, were beginning to subside, and the industry was resuming its normal pace as governments removed trade embargoes.


During the first three quarters of the year, the average price of sunflower seed in Ukraine was 340 USD/MT, rising to 590 USD/MT in December. The COVID-19 epidemic caused havoc on the worldwide economy and threw supply chains into disarray. The expansion of the sunflower seed and oil industries was also hampered by government-imposed trade barriers and limitations. The foodservice and HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, and café) industries have been ravaged by the stay-at-home client trend. The spread of the coronavirus resulted in an increase in edible oil prices, which impacted the major oil-exporting countries significantly.

North America

In January of 2020, the US export price for sunflower oil was 840 USD/MT, then 730 USD/MT in June, before rising to 1040 USD/MT in September. The average price in the fourth quarter was 1150 USD/MT. In North America, the oil extracted from the seeds was widely used in the culinary, energy, and chemical industries. One of the aspects that supported the market's rise was its widespread application in the food business.

Latin America

In January, Argentina's market price for crude sunflower oil for 2020 was 698 USD/MT. The oleic acid, linoleic acid, and other vital minerals in the oil assist the body lower cholesterol levels. Its popularity as a healthy cooking and frying oil among food manufacturers and consumers has continuously increased. This oil was also popular as a cosmetic ingredient and in the production of vegan mayonnaise, cheese, and spreads. As a result, the confluence of these variables aided demand in 2020.

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Crude Sunflower Oil is utilised for human nutrition. Crude oil originating from plants plays a crucial and essential role in terms of nutrition, physiology as well as the psychology of humans. Since it is rich in essential fatty acid and vitamins soluble in fats, it is highly beneficial.

Industrial Uses:

  • Cooking Oil
  • Medicines
  • Cosmetics

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  • Production of Crude Sunflower Oil via Extraction. 

Crude Sunflower Oil production process involves cleaning and sorting of the sunflower seeds and their grinding. This is followed by pressing and extraction of crude oil from these seeds, where a volatile hydrocarbon such as hexane is utilised as a solvent for oil extraction. Upon refining, Crude Sunflower Oil is referred to as sunflower oil. 

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