Gasoline Price Trend

For the First Quarter of 2022


The fuel price in India had increased for the sixth time during the last week of March,  with the national capital selling petrol at 99.41 INR/L after a 30 paise increase, and diesel at 90.77 INR/L, after a 35 paise increase. Rates had been raised across the country and they vary by state, depending on the extent of local taxation.


In recent weeks, Germany has been stunned by increasing gasoline prices, with motorists paying 2.13 EUR/L of gasoline (8.92 USD/USG) at the pump. The situation is even worse for diesel, which, despite government subsidies, is now more expensive than gasoline at 2.25 EUR/L (9.43 USD/USG). Record-high gasoline prices in Germany are a consequence of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

North America

Gas prices have been changing, but they are expected to continue to rise in random increments. The price dropped from a high of 4.33 USD/gal of unleaded on March 11 to a low of 4.33 USD/gal by the final week of the month. Gasoline prices fell as the price of oil fell, but crude prices have already risen, and it is anticipated predict that gasoline costs will rise as well. According to AAA, the national average for unleaded gasoline was 4.23 USD/gal on Thursday, March 24th, down 5 cents from a week ago and 10 cents below the previous all-time high. With the increase in the price of oil in the third week of March and the growing price of gasoline in the futures market, gasoline prices are predicted to increase as well.

For the Fourth Quarter of 2021


In October, petrol price in India had risen to 109 INR/L which increased slightly in November to 110 INR/L but dropped in December to 95 INR/L after the government reduced the value-added tax on petrol from 30% to 19%.


Europe witnessed soaring energy prices even in the final quarter of 2021. Gas prices in Europe observed record highs in October as a continuation of the ongoing energy crisis in the region as winter approached.

North America

The average retail gasoline prices in the US increased to 3.4 USD/gal in November 2021, rising by almost 61% in 12 months from 2.11 USD/gal in the previous year. The price increased due to the oncoming festive season of Thanksgiving which increased the consumption of the fuel.

Latin America

In Brazil, the fuel prices witnessed yet another increase in the final quarter of 2021 as announced by the state-controlled oil company Petrobras. Gasoline prices increased by 7.04% jumping from 2.98 BRL/L to 3.19 BRL/L. The price increased in the country as a result of high international costs as the Brazilian Real weakened against the dollar.

For First, Second and Third Quarters of 2021


In the first quarter in India, the petrol price rose to 91 INR/L, rising even further to 98 INR/L in the second quarter as oil companies hiked their prices 15 times during June 2021. The price had finally increased to 101.55 INR/L in August 2021 as oil companies continued to gradually increase their prices.


In September 2021, petrol price in Netherlands climbed to a record high 9.91 USD/gal as a result of rise in crude oil prices as well as high taxes on the fuel.

North America

As more and more people got vaccinated in the US, the mobility increased which raised the demand for gasoline in the region. The gasoline inventories were low, while at the same time the price crude oil jumped. All these factors increased the gasoline prices in US to above 3 USD/gal in the beginning of May 2021 rising from 2.85 USD/gal in March 2021. By the end of July 2021, the price in US was as high as 3.166 USD/gal.

Latin America

In Brazil, Petrobras announced a rise in gasoline prices in July 2021. The price was estimated to increase by 16 centavos per litre as the global prices for petrol and petroleum increased. The inflation in Brazil had increased by 8% as a result of high gasoline prices.

For the Year 2020


In March, the petrol price had declined to 69.63 INR/L due to a weak demand as a result of lockdowns imposed by the government to curb the rising number of coronavirus cases. In June 2020, the price increased in India to 80.47 INR/L as Oil Marketing companies started to revise their rates. In the later months, the price rose to 81.06 INR/L and remained steady for the rest of the year.


In Europe, the oil prices plummeted as the global demand dropped due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. They witnessed a downward trend dropping by 20 USD/barrel. Gasoline prices in the European Union consequently dropped by 15 cents/L.

North America

In the beginning of the year, the demand for petrol and petroleum products plummeted in North America with the rise in the cases of the coronavirus pandemic which caused the governments to impose restrictions on transportation affecting the gasoline market in the region. The crude oil prices dropped and so did the gasoline prices. In March and April, the price of crude oil dropped by 34% and 48.8% respectively as a consequence of low demand amid high supplies. Gasoline prices had dropped significantly in the United States to around 0.8535 USD/gal in March 2020. By May 2020, the petroleum market showed signs of recovery as businesses reopened partially. The price of crude petroleum increased by 35.9% and 74% in May and June respectively.

Latin America

In March 2020, the state-controlled oil company in Brazil, Petrobras, cut down the gasoline price by almost 10% as oil prices collapsed in the region. Price of gasoline was down by 0.16 BRL/L. Petrobras has a near monopoly in refining in Brazil and a reduction in gasoline prices made the market competitive against ethanol which was previously observing high demand in the fuel market due to its comparatively lower prices. However, the price drop increased the gasoline demand in the country by around 7.5%.

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Gasoline, a mixture of flammable liquid hydrocarbons, is a derivative product of crude oil/petroleum that is widely used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. It has become one of the most popular automobile fuels owing to its high energy of combustion and capacity to mix readily with air in a carburetor.  It can have many different compositions to meet a host of engine performance specifications. It is produced as a by-product during the manufacture of kerosene in the petroleum industry. 


  • Gas or petrol

Industrial Uses

  • Solvent for oils and fats 
  • Aviation gasoline 
  • Automobile gasoline

Production Processes

  • Production of Gasoline via Fractional Distillation of Petroleum

The manufacturing of Gasoline begins with the processing of crude oil or petroleum in an oil refinery.Gasoline is obtained after the fractional distillation of petroleum, where the process is enhanced with a variety of additives.

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