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Importance of Ethical Procurement


Any business must always dwell on ethical fundamentals to ensure longevity. The crab mentality, avarice, unprincipled business procedures, and hoodwinking of the beneficiaries and consumers ought to denounce the fortune of businesses. Hence, ethical business practices are not an option but a necessity, especially in procurement.

For industries to grow, the thinning lines of cheat and impingement of the threshold of trust and ethos could be a significant blockage. Procurement, the primary fulcrum of a business, cannot afford to frail the lines of righteousness. Not adhering to it might cause a considerable dent in a business's pace and existence.

Most Vulnerable Areas of Strayed Ethics in Procurement

Procurement majorly comprises the acquisition of raw materials, which include a plethora of goods such as bricks and mortar, chemical ingredients, food ingredients, etc. Hence, the most vulnerable line of faltering in maintaining the ethical shack is choosing the inferior grade products to cut out the chunk of practice via malpractices, which could include

Selecting Cheaper Materials: Selection of cheaper alternatives as opposed to the expected and required quality of materials is one of the most common unethical factors. Since the major fragment of profit germinates from choosing the inferior qualities of materials, the unethical portion finds its firm existence in shortlisting cheaper products.
Personal Biases in Procurement: Favoritism and personal biases in procurement are yet another gargantuan factor that detaches the string of ethics tied to business owners. Inclination towards relatives and contacts, accepting incentives and presents or other luxury items from people to satiate personal avarice, and trampling down the suitable suppliers are all that shouldn't be jostling the business owners away from the ethical stream.

Crossing Suppliers' Trust: Quite frequently, business owners tend to double-cross suppliers in relation to their contracts and owing to their personal agenda. Breaching agreements, therefore, leaves them nowhere close to what a business aiming for the long run would want to land in. Not only does this evanescent and short-spanned profit piece cause innumerable troubles for the business owners, but it also adds to their severed reputation in the market, causing them to be stranded and incur losses.

Compromising on Fair Play: Apart from distortion of the suppliers' trust, there are various other foul arenas where business owners could be vulnerably inclined. It could include toppling with the trust of outsourced logistics, supply chain SPOCs, etc.

Business owners must ensure that there is a uniform and fair execution of procurement in all aspects, and the operations should be in the best interest of all the parties involved.

Internal Trust Infringement of Organizations: Organizations sometimes suffer a great infringement of trust from the internal procurement stakeholders. The malpractice could be spotted anywhere among the multitude of processes, including more estimated costs, irrational budgets, stuffing the inventories with degraded qualities of products, etc. Hence organizations should be observational and open-eyed in assessing the methodical nuances of procurement.

Similarly, some business owners take their consumers' trust for granted, transacting their interest with their consumer's distrust.

Deleterious Elements that Degrade the Environment: Many raw materials that are shipped and put into use to carve out the finished products lacerate environmental health. For instance, taking the wrong routes or involving raw materials that are either withering or made of corrosive production might lead to degrading environmental status. Therefore, it is highly suggestive that Environment is not hampered while organizations plan their procurement.

Ignoring the Workforce's Interest: Many organizations slip their concerns aside regarding labourers and workers. To carve out some profit from cheap labour, many organizations drain their workforce by over-exploitation at frugal costs. It leads to a motley of inconveniences to the workforce, including infirming health, tumefying indigence among labourers, and whatnot.
Not only does this cause a plunge in productivity, but it also violates human rights to a considerable extent. Neither is it suitable for companies nor the world at large. Therefore, companies should ensure a healthy workforce and must hold their best status as a priority.

Good practices and safer raw materials require intense research and a database to choose from. Understandably, it might not be a cakewalk for all organizations to conduct such extensive evaluation, and that's when expert market researchers and procurement experts, such as Procurement Resource, need to be turned to.

About Author:

Prakhar Panchbhaiya

Senior Content Writer at Procurement Resource

Prakhar Panchbhaiya is an accomplished content writer and market research analyst. With over 4 years of experience in content creation and market analysis encompassing many industries, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biochemistry, healthcare, ed-tech, and Food & Agriculture, he has been creating quality content for multiple sectors. He is a Biochemistry major with sturdy backing in a PG diploma in digital marketing, helping in the exhaustive content creation based on extensive research and competitive marketing.




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