The Global Popularity of the Electric Vehicles is on the Rise

The Global Popularity of the Electric Vehicles is on the Rise


Electric vehicles are modes of transportation that operate on electricity to some extent. Instead of internal combustion engines, they support an electric motor fuelled by fossil fuels. It can be run by a battery on its own, at times charged by solar panels, and by converting fuel to electricity using fuel cells or a generator.

Some of the different electric vehicles are road and rail cars, surface and underwater watercraft, electric aeroplanes, and electric spacecraft. The vehicles are gaining immense popularity from the end-users and are termed future mobility. The automobiles offer a wide range of features, but the primary aspect is that they can be charged using off-board power sources. There are two broad categories of EVs: all-electric vehicles (AEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

The Evolution of Electric Vehicles:

The introduction of electric motive power goes back to 1827 when a Hungarian priest, Ányos Jedlik, created the first rudimentary but functional electric motor equipped with the stator, rotor, and commutator. Other inventors like Sibrandus Stratingh, Robert Anderson, Thomas Davenport, and Robert Davidson from around the globe worked on their versions of the automotive.

However, due to the limitations of the shortage of batteries, the inventions did not gain much traction. On the other hand, owing to advancements in creating electric locomotives, electric rail transit became ubiquitous by the twentieth century. After various technological developments like metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) technology and the single-chip microprocessor, the EV technology was made possible by using MOS field-effect transistor (MOSFET) and the microcontroller, a form of single-chip computer.

The Factors Driving the Vehicle’s Popularity:

In the late 20th-21st century, various factors such as the negative impact of petroleum-based transportation infrastructure paired with peak oil concerns sparked a revived interest in electric transportation. As EVs differ from fossil fuel-powered vehicles and can be powered by various sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear power, renewables such as solar and wind power, or any combination of those.

Therefore, they have different carbon footprints and other pollutants depending on the fuel and technology used to generate energy. As a result, electric vehicles are rapidly adopted with growing concerns over sustainability, leading to the industry’s expansion. In addition, EV sales have skyrocketed, with increases in all three major car markets: China, the United States, and Europe.

Evs and Charging Stations:

The rapid shift towards the technology they need for charging stations has surged. As a result, the developers of EV charging are doing a lot more than just constructing charge stations. For example, EV Connect provides a comprehensive charging management solution to any company interested in installing a charging station. Building managers can easily monitor expenditures and their total EV charging infrastructure thanks to the software and assistance.

Other Initiatives:

Due to the ecological impact of various human activities, there has been a growing concern among the people and global leaders regarding solutions for sustainability which has led to an increased focus on introducing state and federal tax subsidies for establishing electric charging stations, etc.

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Economically Viable:

The vehicles are gradually becoming more affordable thus, resulting in their wide availability. Electric cars are becoming more extensively produced, resulting in a price decline. They are also extremely cheap to run. Owing to these factors, it is likely that we will witness a massive growth in the number of electric automobiles on our roads in the future. Other reasons like government backing, growing technology, and shifting public attitude significantly thrust the industry’s development.

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