Acetic Anhydride Prices Dropped Amid High Supply Conditions in December 2023

Acetic Anhydride Prices Declined

Prices of acetic anhydride exhibited a downstream throughout the month of December 2023. The increase in the production of acetic anhydride strengthened the supply, coupled with high inventory levels resulting in a price drop. An analysis conducted by Procurement Resource reported a m-o-m price drop of 0.47% in the Indian market during December 2023.

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Previously, the prices of anhydride witnessed a similar trend in the month of November, as well. The costs were affected due to an increase in production amid low-demand acquisition from the downstream industries.

High Production Amid Low Demand Lowered the Prices of Acetic Anhydride During November 2023

The production of acetic anhydride remained high throughout November, increasing the supply in the chemical market. Moreover, high prices of acetic acid (feedstock), amid its low supply, supported the costs of acetic anhydride during the period. Despite the rising prices of feedstock, the condition of stockpiling of acetic acid in the inventories affected its prices, causing a decline.

December Witnessed a Reduction in the Costs of Acetic Anhydride with an Increase in Supply

The rise in production from the manufacturers remained constant throughout December, resulting in high inventory levels. Moreover, the poor shipment conditions experienced due to the cold weather together resulted in an increase in the supply of acetic anhydride in the chemical market. The hike in the inventory levels amid low demand from the downstream industries contributed to the declining costs that remained throughout the month.

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According to Procurement Resource, the prices of acetic anhydride fell amid high production in December 2023. The costs were negatively impacted, due to the increase in the supply due to multiple factors. The analysis reports a m-o-m drop of 0.47% in India, exhibiting a weak momentum in the demand-supply chain. The consistency in the prices of acetic anhydride depicting a downstream since the past few months suggests a similar trend to be noticed in the upcoming months, as well.

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