Fertiglobal Sails the World’s First ISCC PLUS Certified Renewable Ammonia


Fertiglobe announced its first shipment of the world’s first internationally recognized ISCC PLUS Certified renewable ammonia. The content was developed at the company’s facilities located in Egypt. The synthesis was carried out using green hydrogen from the pilot Green hydrogen electrolyzer, which is used to produce near-zero emission synthetic soda ash, a vital component in the laundry powder for Unilever.

The shipment signifies the commitment of the company to decarbonizing industries while delivering on its sustainability agenda. The company aimed to support the global energy transition. The shipment was sent to Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited (TFL), which plans to produce the soda ash for Hindustan Unilever (HUL).

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According to the CEO of Fertiglobe and OCI Global, Ahmed El-Hoshy, this shipment plays a vital role in establishing a milestone for Fertiglobe. It is a breakthrough in producing and supplying renewable ammonia to the world and exhibiting progress in the ongoing execution of their hydrogen roadmap. He also mentioned that being an explorer in the market of renewable ammonia, the company believes in the immense potential in its ability to decarbonize industries and gear up the global energy transition.

With the commencement, the company is looking forward to leveraging its state-of-the-art ammonia facilities and global distribution infrastructure to expand its low-carbon ammonia capacity. The project aims to meet the growing demand and reduce the carbon emissions associated with the company’s operation.

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Fertiglobal is currently engaged in some of the major sustainability initiatives. The company has collaborated with Scatec, Orascom Construction, the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, and the Sovereign Fund of Egypt for the Egypt Green Hydrogen Project. The project is expected to produce up to 15,000 tons of green hydrogen per annum (tpa) while serving as a feedstock, which will be used further to produce around 90,000 tpa of renewable ammonia at Fortiglobe, Egypt. Moreover, the company is also associated with the Ta’ziz 1 million tpa low-carbon ammonia project, the green hydrogen project in the UAE, and the low-carbon ammonia pilot in the UAE at Fertil.

According to Procurement Resource, Fertiglobe has shipped its first shipment of the world’s first ISCC PLUS Certified renewable ammonia. OCI Global facilitated this shipment in association with ADNOC, UAE. The initiative is an effort to exhibit the potential of renewable ammonia in the energy market while leveraging the global energy transition and contributing toward the net-zero goals.


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