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NOVA Chemicals Contributes to Sustainability by Launching 100% Post-Consumer Mechanically rPET Resin

NOVA Chemicals has taken a significant leap by launching mechanically recycled Polyethylene resin in the stride of sustainability and environmental awareness. The company claims that it is 100% post-consumer-recycled polyethylene.

The resin EX-PCR-NC4 is believed to be a sustainably effective product for the manufacturers and the brand owners that would upkeep the environmental protection and the finesse of packaging across various applications. It could be used for enormous sacks meant for heavy-duty, e-commerce deliveries, etc., without impeding the well-being of nature by recycling the consumed plastics, hence not adding to the junk the world today faces because of plastics.

The Quality of recycled PE Would Bring Down Carbon Footprint

The recycled PEs would believably play a significant role in alleviating carbon footprints by truncating the production of new plastics as it is a 100% recycled consumers’ dump. The source of plastics would be a combination of back-of-the-store stretch and front-of-store drop-off by consumers.

The product would ensure its excellent quality concerning its palliation in odour and assured stability, simultaneously maintaining the stream of recycling PEs.

Recycled Polyethylene is All Set to be Used and Consumed

As Anna Rajkovic, the Marketing Manager of NOVA Chemicals Circular Economy, the new rPEs have been assimilated into many products for end-users. It only came after there had been multiple trials, including customer trials and tests at the Centre for Performance Applications in Calgary. She adds that the company is thrilled to prognosticate and bank on the usage of this newly developed resin which caters to the need of the hour to maintain quality and not impede environmental health.

The Recycled Polyethylene Hits Two with a Bow

The new recycled Polyethylene seems to be the best of both worlds, as per Alan Schrob, Mechanical Recycling Director, Nova Chemicals. The new resins ensure the quality of the packaging and give brand owners an incredible opportunity to keep sustainably with their packaging tasks. It also wards off the threat of degrading the Earth by preventing plastic deposits from getting into landfills and intoxicating our environment. This way, the company is giving a true meaning to the circular economy, where not only does it prevent the menacing plastic collation but also channelize it into an entirely new product through total recyclability.

He adds that he is optimistic that Nova Chemicals would produce high-quality recycled Polyethylene and evangelize the use of sustainable ways of developing PG. Nova Chemicals has never left any stone unturned to meet its consumers’ demands in terms of quality while maintaining its objective of recycling Polyethylene and harnessing the power of recyclability.

According to Procurement Resource, the new resin by Nova Chemicals will pave the way for other organizations aiming for sustainable and environment-friendly development methods. The new resin would be a breakthrough in putting hazardous plastics to use and recycling them into a fine-grade product. The step will extenuate the dangerous levels of carbon and other toxic substances in our environment.

The step becomes even more critical in coping with a non-biodegradable substance, for which recycling is the best option. Hence, it would be an extol-worthy way of bringing out a quality product without having to jeopardize the Earth.


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