The Global Sodium Chlorite price trend experienced a downturn during December 2023

Price Trends of Sodium Chlorite

The global price trend of sodium chlorite seemed to exhibit a bearish market throughout the month of December 2023. The spot prices kept oscillating due to different market factors that affected the trend, facing a low end by the end of the month.

The European market faced different market challenges that led to a notable decrease in the prices of sodium chlorite. Factors like reduction in manufacturing activities, accompanied by low outputs, resulted in decreasing rates of sodium chlorite in Europe. Cautious and strategic steps were taken by the commercial dealers, following the uncertain market status. Moreover, the declining demand curve from the paper and pulp industry kept the trend low.

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The spot prices observed in the USA were similar, extending its historical dipping price trend. The market was affected due to a series of factors, including the ongoing shipment issues faced at the overseas routes, specifically the Panama Canal, followed by the low demand during the holiday season.

The reduction in the cargo flow led to a decrease in export activities, causing an increase in the inventory levels within the domestic market. Moreover, the decrease in manufacturing activities, with a reduced staff level during the holiday period, caused the prices to remain low. Further, the low demand observed from the downstream sectors, including water treatment and textile industries, remained low throughout the same period, which impacted the price trends of sodium chlorite in the US market.

Additionally, the trends observed in the Chinese market were facing similar issues, with oversupply challenges and low demands. The supply seemed to be high, flooding the domestic market and resulting in a state of stockpiling. The low manufacturing rates from the downstream industries and high inventory levels are altogether causing low demands, which are ultimately impacting the price trends of sodium chlorite in the Chinese market as well.

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According to Procurement Resource, the price trends of sodium chlorite have been low throughout December 2023. The market was affected by various market factors, including high inventories, low demand, and low production rate. The market is expected to oscillate around the ongoing rates due to the current market status and exhibit a low end in the upcoming months.

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