Saudi Aramco Established USD 1.5 Billion Sustainability Fund

Saudi Aramco Established USD 1.5 Billion Sustainability Fund

Saudi Aramco, officially known as the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, has unfurled its plan to substantiate the sustainability projects and techniques by establishing USD 1.5 billion. The investment plan is to bolster the start-ups, organizations, and accoutrement & techniques that are working towards the substantial mode of development concerning environmental health.

The environment today is grappling with toxic calamities and rampant emissions from industries all over the world. Not only does it excoriate the health status of our natural resources, but it also perils the future of the world. Hence, the tools and equipment that aim at assuaging the toxic levels of hazardous entities would be significantly anchored by this whooping investment by Saudi Aramco.

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Amin Naseer, the chief executive of Aramco, considers this investment to be one of the hugest investments ever made in sustainable development. At the Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh, Mr. Naseer considers it a significant step toward the “Net-Zero Carbon Emission by 2050” objective of Saudi Aramco.

The Venture Capital Arm of Aramco has decided to invest the amount for the technologies working in the direction of truncating carbon emanations and other harmful gases. Additionally, the company also aims to lay a helping hand to the formation of fuels with lesser carbon content.

To take off, the company will start by going through the capture and storage of carbon, checking the greenhouse emissions, and harnessing hydrogen efficacies.

Saudi Aramco Endeavours in the Wake of Environmental Degradation.

Saudi Aramco has taken significant strides toward the well-being and preservation of the environment. It becomes quite evident by its investments and breakthroughs in establishing a sustainable model of development where the environment is not jeopardized. For instance, it has astoundingly invested in producing low-carbon fuels such as blue Hydrogen. It has also invested significantly in renewables.

Aramco is also devising a plan to lunge the production of blue ammonia up to 11 million tonnes by 2030. It is also refining and enhancing its carbon storage and its efficient usage along with Hydrogen.

Talking of the “Net-Zero Carbon Emission by 2050” objective of Saudi Aramco, blue Hydrogen is considered to extraordinarily contribute to the cause. It is expected to dislodge carbon by 2050 to a considerable extent. As per the project, Hydrogen would be used as an energy source for 12% of industries globally. It would also pull-down carbon emissions by 10%.

Other Investments by the Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco has been prominent in active investments across a range of projects. February 2022 saw the official announcement by the company to launch Prosperity7Ventures, a venture capital fund of USD one billion.

It has been actively backing up blockchain enterprises that are at an early stage. Moreover, it has anchored the finance and healthcare sectors as well.

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures was also reportedly planning to establish a fund of USD 500 million. The intent behind this was to help the technology sector get significant investments.

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According to Procurement Resource, the investment will be a noteworthy step in improving the environment’s health. Saudi Aramco is certainly leading by example in calling out the attention required in the direction of sustainable development, where the environment can no longer be taken for granted.

Saudi Aramco unveils $1.5bn sustainability fund.


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