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Skovgaard Energy Has Placed an Order to Nel ASA for An Alkaline Electrolyser System

Skovgaard Energy Aps made a procurement request for an alkaline electrolyser system in Lemvig in Western Jutland, Denmark. The order was made to Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser so that it can be employed to produce green ammonia.

A caustic or pungent smelling gas that is extensively utilised to produce fertilisers used for agricultural purposes is called ammonia. The manufacturing procedure to develop green ammonia is to make ammonia 100 percent free of carbon and renewable. One of the processes of creating green ammonia is with the usage of hydrogen from water electrolysis and nitrogen that is removed from the air.

The Danish partners Topsoe and Vestas will join the project with Skovgaard Energy to build the green ammonia plant. The plant will be used to create renewable energy from solar and wind and will be attached to the electrolyser directly. This shall be the initial active green ammonia industrial unit in the world.

The plant will inspect the fluctuating operations of the ammonia reactor on the basis of renewable power input. Before escalating to green ammonia plants and large-scale power-to-X in the future, it will be a crucial study. The Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) rewarded financial aid to the Danish partnership for the project's completion.

The senior tender manager of Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser, Henning Langås, stated that they are excited about the design which would be a crucial achievement for the transition towards sustainability while manufacturing green ammonia straight from renewable sources. He continued by saying they look towards an ongoing relationship with Skovgaard Energy and partners.

Additionally, the technical director of Skovgaard Energy, Pat A Han, said that for this study, they chose the alkaline electrolyser innovation as they never wanted to jeopardise the assignment through unknown electrolyser technology. Nel’s alkaline electrolyser is high-quality verified technology, as well as it competently matches the goals of the presentation plan of the vigorous action of the ammonia industrial plant.

The project's estimated value is EUR 4 million, and the design is likely to be delivered by Quarter 3, 2023.

About Nel Hydrogen:

Nel is a hydrogen provider that offers quintessential solutions to create, preserve, and circulate hydrogen from sustainable energy worldwide. They offer their services to gas and energy companies and industries with the best hydrogen technology. Its history goes back to 1927 and still improving constantly in hydrogen technologies. Presently, they include the complete chain of values varying from hydrogen manufacturing technologies to hydrogen fueling stations in their hydrogen resolutions list, allowing businesses to shift towards green hydrogen while supplying all energy cell electric vehicles with the similar rapidly fueling and long range as fossil-fueled vehicles – without the emissions.

About Skovgaard Energy

In the recent history of over 30 years, the enterprise has exhibited the capacity to pave the way in accomplishing the newest wind turbine technologies. They have showcased the functional value recommendation of new and innovative wind turbines by organising test facilities in place of the most significant players globally. Their strong point and guide to success are the ability to operate quickly. Their customer's and partners' trust and passion for supplying green energy solutions to meet the growing demand make them a significant player.


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