Skytree announces a new direct carbon capture unit, ‘Skytree Cumulus’

Skytree Cumulus

Skytree, a company focused on climate technology, reportedly unveiled a new direct air capture (DAC) unit, named the Skytree Cumulus. It was said that this unit has the capability to extract CO2 from the atmosphere. This captured CO2, it was mentioned, can then be utilized by indoor agriculturalists and those involved in greenhouse farming, benefiting the production of various products like food, algae, vaccines, and even flowers.

The company reportedly stated that the Skytree Cumulus can consistently produce up to 10kg of CO2 within a day, offering businesses an efficient and pure source of CO2. This development is believed to mitigate the difficulties associated with CO2 procurement and transportation.

Rob van Straten, who is said to be the CEO of Skytree, reportedly conveyed his excitement about the launch. He allegedly commented on the environmental and operational advantages, emphasizing that the unit would aid controlled environment agriculture (CEA) businesses in diminishing their reliance on the fossil fuel industry for CO2.

He also reportedly pointed out the potential environmental ramifications of traditional CO2 capture, mentioning that a tonne of CO2 captured from oil refineries might result in releasing 1.5 tonnes of emissions back into the environment.

It was also shared that the Skytree Cumulus would be available for shipping in 2024 and that it would particularly benefit those in the controlled environment agriculture sector. Reports suggest that Skytree is in the process of developing an even larger DAC unit aimed at serving broader industries, with an expected release in the latter part of 2024.

According to the article by Procurement Resource, Skytree's unveiling of its direct air capture unit, the Skytree Cumulus, signifies a notable advancement in the climate technology sector. This unit is designed to efficiently extract CO2 from the atmosphere, providing a valuable resource for indoor farmers and greenhouse operators. With the capability to consistently produce CO2, the Cumulus mitigates challenges related to CO2 procurement and transportation.

Rob van Straten, Skytree's CEO, emphasized the unit's potential in aiding businesses to transition away from the fossil fuel industry and highlighted the environmental pitfalls of conventional CO2 capture methods. Set for shipping in 2024, and with future larger units in the pipeline, Skytree's innovative approach might redefine carbon capture and its applications across industries.


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