Cepsa inked a deal with Evos for the storage of green ammonia and green methanol

Storage of Green Ammonia and Green Methanol

Cepsa and Evos have inked a partnership aimed at facilitating the storage of green methanol that Cepsa will produce. This arrangement includes using Evos' storage facilities located in Algeciras and Rotterdam. Additionally, the partnership extends to the storage of green ammonia at the Algeciras facilities, enhancing the logistics for transporting green hydrogen products between significant ports in Spain and the Netherlands.

The agreement was formalized at the Port of Amsterdam, attended by the Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy Policy and Deputy Prime Minister Rob Jetten. Cepsa and Evos plan to explore logistics solutions for various biofuels, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel, renewable fuels from non-biological sources, and hydrogen carriers like Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHCs), across other Evos terminals in Northwest Europe, including Amsterdam.

Maarten Wetselaar, CEO of Cepsa, highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships in establishing a network for supplying green molecules from Spain to Northern Europe. He emphasized that the alliance with Evos is crucial for providing the necessary infrastructure to transport green methanol produced in Southern Spain to Northern Europe. This supports the company’s larger green hydrogen projects, such as the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley, which includes extensive plans for green hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia production.

Harry Deans, CEO of Evos, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, noting it as a key step towards establishing a South-North corridor for green hydrogen products. This move aligns with Evos's strategy to lead in the energy transition through its eight terminals located at key strategic ports across Northwest Europe.

The collaboration is expected to significantly support the transition to renewable energy by enhancing the storage and handling capacities for green hydrogen derivatives and renewable fuels, including the expansion of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at Evos’s facilities. Cepsa's ongoing initiatives, including a partnership with the Port of Rotterdam and the development of a large-scale biofuels plant in Huelva, further reinforce the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions across various hard-to-abate industries by promoting the use of green methanol and other renewable resources.

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According to the article by Procurement Resource, Cepsa and Evos have partnered to improve logistics for transporting green hydrogen products between Spain and the Netherlands, focusing on enhancing renewable fuel infrastructure. This collaboration supports Cepsa’s broader green energy initiatives, including significant developments in green hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia production, aimed at advancing Europe's energy transition.


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