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The Increasing Popularity and Demand for Nuclear Energy in the Global Market


The energy produced during a reaction of the fission which is persuaded during the atom splitting is known as the nuclear energy. During the World War I, nuclear weapons were formed and made by this technique. In the Nuclear power plant, the nuclear fissions are hence brought out in environment which is well controlled and extracts huge amount of the heat. This heat is further transformed into the steam with the help of heat exchanger which used to supply the electricity. There are lot of reactors which are used in the nuclear power plant.

The worldwide energy requirements are anticipated to boost up by 26 percent by 2050, as per the International Energy Agency (IEA). Because of the developing and emerging economies, the demand of the electricity is likely to expand.

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Over the upcoming period, the rising use of the technology of nuclear energy as the alternative source to the fossil fuels for the generation of the power. The atomic energy is driven significantly because of its demand. Due to their high efficiency than the thermal power plants, the power plants are estimated to operate the market at a greater extend. It is projected to conserve the fossil fuel depletion and the desire to terminate the expenditures of energy exports.

Chinese nuclear market uses the technology which is very advanced and making the country on of the leading manufacturer and exporter of the nuclear energy and hence is increasing its market size. As of December 2021, China has combined capacity of 49.77 Gwe and around 52 Nuclear power reactors in operation. The 4.7 percent of the total electrical energy generated in the country was 3666.2 TWh from the nuclear power.

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The growing venture capital in nuclear power plants is propelling the growth of the market. North America is predicted to witness the market growth. The enhancements of demand for power and rise to the energy which is clean is expected to attain the market growth.

The regional market is likely to boost due to the function by government for the nuclear power plants. For example, the funding of about USD 20 million was declared by the United States Department of Energy to parade the technology which helped in generating clean hydrogen energy from the nuclear power in October 2021. It will allow a zero-carbon electricity source and clean form of hydrogen energy which gives a dynamic economic product for nuclear plant.

A bill eliminating the US for the ban by the state on the nuclear power plants was signed in February 2022. For coal, the second major manufacturer in the United States is West Virginia which nationally reported for about 5 percent of the energy production in total. It is observed by the state to enhance the reliance on the coal over the nuclear power.

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The prominent companies in the market of the nuclear energy are GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Inc., Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, KEPCO Engineering & Construction, ŠKODA JS AS, and China National Nuclear Corporation, among others.

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