Leading Manufacturers of tin in the USA

Tin Producers in the USA

Tin is a solid metal variety that is largely utilized in manufacturing various industrial products on a large scale. It is a silvery-white metal element that is largely utilized in manufacturing various commercial metal products, cans, containers, sheets, and more. Tin is a highly malleable metal variety that also possesses corrosion resistivity, which makes it an excellent alternative to produce thin sheets and storage containers. It is widely associated with electrical, electronics, metal, and packaging sectors on a global scale.

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Tin metal is manufactured by various commercial metal organizations, but here are some of the leading firms that are enlisted in the US market.

Top 6 producers of Tin in the USA

Top producers of Tin in the USA are:


Company Website https://e2global.com/
Headquartered in California, USA
Founded in 2013

E2Global Co. is a global designing company that is chiefly involved in manufacturing and developing various commercial products on a large scale. The company was first established in 2013, with its prime association in the metal, textile, and packaging sectors. The company, with its base headquarters located in California, USA, is majorly indulged in manufacturing tin-based products and several textile-based commercial products on a large scale. Additionally, it also manufactures tubes, boxes, and containers on a prime scale.

Tin King USA

Company Website https://www.tinkingusa.com/
Headquartered in Texas, USA
Founded in 1994

Tin King USA is a leading packaging and metal production company, which is mainly located in Texas, USA. The company is primarily associated with manufacturing metal packaging materials on a large scale and is specifically associated with tin metal on a large scale. Tin King USA is a key player in the tin-based product market. It is entitled as one of the leading tin-based product manufacturing companies in the US market.

AB Container

Company Website https://www.abcontainer.com/
Headquartered in Connecticut, USA
Founded in 1983

AB Container is a one-stop packaging solution provider that is tagged as one of the major dealers of tin metal containers in the US market. The company is known to manufacture tin products on a large scale and shows its prime involvement in the packaging industry. The company, with its headquarters located in Connecticut, USA, was established in the year 1983. It also manufactures boxes and containers made up of plastics and other metal varieties on a large scale.

Allstate Can Corporation

Company Website https://www.allstatecan.com/
Headquartered in Nevada, USA
Founded in 1931

Allstate Can Corporation is a leading tin products manufacturing company that is located along with its base headquarters in Nevada, USA. The company was founded in the year 1931. It is mainly associated with the packaging sector and provides tin containers and cans on a large scale. The company is enlisted among the major dealers of tin cans in the US market.

O. Brek Co.

Company Website https://www.oberk.com/
Headquartered in New Jersey, USA
Founded in 1910

O.Brek Co. is one of the leading packaging solution providers in the world. With its base headquarters located in New Jersey, the company deals with manufacturing and distributing various packaging materials across the globe. O.Brek mainly deals with producing various packaging materials that are made up of plastic, paper, metal, and more. It is also associated with the production of tin metal containers on a large scale.

Royal Summit

Company Website https://royalsummit.com/
Headquartered in California, USA
Founded in 1992

Royal Summit is an American tin metal production company that mainly specializes in manufacturing metal containers and boxes on a large scale. The company is primarily located in California, USA. It was first established in the year 1992, with its prime involvement in producing tin metal containers and other storage materials on a large scale. It is enlisted among the leading tin product producers in the US market.

Tin is largely utilized in packaging sectors across the world. It is one of the durable, recyclable, and non-toxic metal varieties that is largely preferred as an ideal packaging material in the transportation, food, and beverages industry. The global tin market is driven by the rising demand for the metal variety in the packaging, transportation, and electronics industries. Hence, the market is expected to surge and hit a CAGR of around 2.59% during 2023-2028 while expanding its market reach in the near future.

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