Leading Tin producers in the world

Tin Producers in the World

Tin is a metal variety that is largely utilized in various industrial applications. It is a silvery-white metal element that has several key features that contribute to its global demand in the metal market. It is highly malleable in nature and is resistant to corrosion. The metal variety is largely utilized by the metal industry for manufacturing several alloy varieties, which are further used in producing other commercial products.

Tin is commonly mixed with metals such as copper, which generates bronze metal that has a wide range of applications in the metal industry. Additionally, it is used in manufacturing packaging materials that are utilized by food and beverages sectors on a large scale. Tin metal is largely associated with metal, packaging, electrical, and electronics sectors on a global scale.

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There are several key manufacturers of tin metal in the metal market. Here are some of the leading metal manufacturing units mentioned below:

Top 7 Tin manufacturers in the world

Top Tin manufacturers in the world are:

Yunnan Tin Company

Company Website http://en.ytc.cn/
Headquartered in Yunnan, China
Founded in 1883

Yunnan Tin Company is the largest tin manufacturer that is marked in the international metal market. The Chinese metal production firm is majorly associated with the production of precious metal varieties on a prime scale. Yunnan Tin Company was first incorporated in the year 1883, with its headquarters located in Yunnan, China. The company is considered to be one of the leading dealers of metal varieties in the international metal market on a large scale.


Company Website https://www.minsur.com/?lang=en
Headquartered in Lima, Peru
Founded in 1977

Minsur Co. stands as one of the major producers of tin metal in the global metal market. The company, with its base located in Lima, Peru, deals with the manufacturing and marketing of metal varieties, specifically tin metal, in the international industrial domain on a large scale.

PT Timah

Company Website https://www.timah.com/
Headquartered in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia
Founded in 1976

PT Timah is an Indonesian metal processing company that is mainly located in Bangka Belitung. The company was initially incorporated in the year 1976. With its major involvement in the metal production domain, the company is tagged as one of the major producers of tin metal in the global metal market. It is a producer and an exporter of tin metal and also handles marketing of the same metal varieties on a large scale.

Malaysia Smelting

Company Website https://www.msmelt.com/
Headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia
Founded in 1902

Malaysia Smelting Co. is a smelting and refining metal firm. The company is known to be one of the well-known metal production firms that is located with its base headquarters in Malaysia. The company officially began in the year 1902, with its prime involvement in tin and tin-based metal production activities on a large scale.

Empresa Metalurgica Vinto

Company Website https://vinto.gob.bo/
Headquartered in Oruro, Bolivia
Founded in 1971

Empresa Metallurgical Vinto is one of the major tin producers that is enlisted in the global metal market. The company was first established in the year 1971, with its base headquarters located in Bolivia. It is mainly associated with the production and distribution of several metal varieties that are further marketed across the world.

Thailand Smelting and Refining

Company Website https://www.thaisarco.com/
Headquartered in Phuket, Thailand
Founded in 1963

Thailand Smelting and Refining is a metal production unit that is primarily located in Phuket, Thailand. The company was first established in the year 1963. It is listed among the leading manufacturers of tin in the global metal industry and is also associated with the production of tin alloy varieties on a large scale. The company specializes in refining and smelting activities that lead to the production of the finest metal varieties in the global market.

Aurubis Beerse

Company Website https://www.aurubis.com/beerse/
Headquartered in Nieuwe Dreef 33 2340 Beerse Belgium
Founded in 1919

It is a Belgian non-ferrous metal production company that is mainly located with its base headquarters in Beerse. The company was initially incorporated in the year 1919. It is a private company that is known to process secondary raw materials that further produce several metal varieties, including copper, lead, tin, and more.

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