Leading Ruthenium Producers in the World

Ruthenium Manufacturers in the World

Ruthenium is a silver-white shiny metal that belongs to the rare transition metal group. The metal is hard in nature and does not tarnish at room temperature. The metal element is largely used in various high-technology industrial applications. Ruthenium is highly used as a catalyst in various commercial chemical synthesis processes. It can also be identified in jewelry and is also used in manufacturing alloy metals with platinum and other rare and expensive metal elements on a large scale.

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Ruthenium is a unique and rare earth metal that is commercially manufactured by some of the renowned metal manufacturing units that are located across the world. Here are some of the leading ruthenium manufacturing companies that are listed in the global market.

Top 7 Ruthenium manufacturers in the world

Top Ruthenium manufacturers in the world are:

China Kings Resources Group Co. Ltd.

Company Website http://www.chinesekings.com/
Headquartered in Zhejiang Province, China
Founded in 2001

The Chinese organization that is mainly associated with the development and extraction of fluorite mines and trades with the fluorite products on a large scale. The company also deals with rare metal production and distribution on a global scale. The chemical company is mainly located in the Zhejiang Province, China. It was first incorporated in the year 2001. The company is also listed among the leading ruthenium producers that are marked in the global chart.

Grupo Minersa

Company Website https://www.minersa.com/
Headquartered in Getxo, Spain
Founded in 1942

Grupo Minersa is a Spanish mineral mining company that is mainly located in Getxo, Spain. The company is one of the major dealers of various crucial industrial minerals and ores on a large scale. It is associated with the mining, extraction, and production activities on a global scale. Grupo Minersa is internationally recognized as a group of companies that produces and distributes industrial minerals, chemicals, and construction products on a large scale. The company is also tagged as one of the leading producers of fluorspar and ruthenium in the global market.

Mongolrostsvetmet LLC.

Company Website https://mcc.mn/
Headquartered in Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia
Founded in 2016

The Mongolian metal production company is tagged as the largest producer of fluorspar and some of the rare earth metals on a large scale. The company was acquired and then formed by the Mongolian Copper Corporation from the Russian Federation in the year 2016. It is mainly located in Mongolia and is profiled under the major ruthenium manufacturing companies around the world.

Seaforth Mineral & Ore Co.

Company Website https://www.seaforthinc.com/
Headquartered in Ohio, USA
Founded in 1957

Seaforth Mineral &Ore Co. is a leading mineral production company that is known to produce ruthenium on a global scale. The company was established in the year 1957. With its headquarters located in Ohio, USA, it deals with the distribution and production of several industrial ores and minerals on a large scale.

Sinochem Holdings Corporation Ltd.

Company Website https://www.sinochem.com/
Headquartered in Beijing, China
Founded in 2021

Sinochem Holdings is a merger of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd. And China National Chemical Corporation Ltd. The Chinese company shows its major involvement in several industrial units, which mainly include petrochemicals, materials, life science, rubber, and metal sectors. The company is entitled as a leading manufacturer of ruthenium metal in the global market. Sinochem Holdings was established in the year 2021 and is marked as one of the fastest-growing chemical firms in the country.

Otto Chemie

Company Website https://www.ottokemi.com/
Headquartered in Mumbai, India
Founded in 2006

Ruthenium is a rare earth metal element that is manufactured by some of the prominent metal producers across the world. Otto Chemie is an Indian chemical and metal production firm that is associated with the production and supply of ruthenium metal across the country. The company, with its base headquarters located in Mumbai, majorly deals with manufacturing specialty chemicals, metals, and other mineral varieties on a large scale. It is gradually expanding its reach around the world and is on the verge of being declared a multinational organization in the near future. The company was incorporated in the year 2006.

Lipmann Walton and Co.

Company Website https://www.lipmann.co.uk/
Headquartered in England, UK
Founded in 1953

Lipmann Walton and Co. is a metal manufacturing company that deals with the production and distribution of various industrial metal varieties on a global scale. The company is firmly associated with some of the rare earth metals like ruthenium in the metal market on a large scale. Lipmann Walton is a prominent metal production unit that was established in the year 1953. The company is mainly located with its base headquarters in England, UK.

Ruthenium is a rare earth metal element that is gradually gaining market attention in the metal industry. Initially, the element was utilized in high-technology commercial practices. It is one of the most expensive and unique metal varieties that is expanding its market reach with its involvement in jewelry, alloy manufacturing, and other metal applications on a global scale. The ruthenium market is expected to show a positive market outlook in the coming days due to the fine market performance in the past years. The price trends are anticipated to show a good increase in the near future due to the expected rise in the production rate of the given metal element.

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