January 2024 witnessed declining m-o-m trend in prices for Aniline in Asia

Prices for Aniline in Asia

In January 2024, the Asian Aniline market demonstrated a descending price trend compared to the figures recorded in December 2023. Analysts at Procurement Resource noted a month-over-month dip of 2.13% in Aniline prices in India. The recorded average price in December 2023 hovered around 1516.3 USD/MT, which tapered to approximately 1489.26 USD/MT by January 2024.

Similarly, China's Aniline market echoed this declining pattern, registering a decrease of 1.78%. The average price in December 2023 stood at 1516.3 USD/MT, descending to around 1489.26 USD/MT in January 2024, indicating a parallel market behavior to India's pricing trends.

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The declining factor in Asia's Aniline prices during January 2024 can be attributed to a confluence of market dynamics and industry-specific developments. Notably, the automotive sector's tempered demand for Polyurethane, a key downstream product of Aniline, played a pivotal role. This was largely due to the enforcement of new regulations prompting a slowdown in the production of gas vehicles, thereby diminishing the procurement volumes of Aniline by Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate manufacturers. This ripple effect emanated from the softened consumption patterns within the Polyurethane segment.

Additionally, the market witnessed a downturn in feedstock Nitric Acid prices, propelled by the reduced Ammonia costs - a repercussion of the weakened demand from the agrochemical sector and a downturn in thermal coal prices.

According to Procurement Resource, in January 2024, the Asian Aniline market saw prices drop by 2.13% in India and 1.78% in China, primarily due to diminished Polyurethane demand in the automotive sector and lower costs for key feedstocks like Nitric Acid and Ammonia.


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